[REPORT] July Monthly Report for RC-DAO

Hello NEAR community!

July was a month full of energy. Before we proceed to talk about all that happened, let’s have a look at the duties of each of the admins for the RC-DAO

Admins: Admins oversee the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of the DAO. Support and Oversight.

RCDao Admin Structure

• Governance, Partnerships, and Strategy- - - - - @Ola la

• Community Relations– - - - - - — @IgbozeIsrael

• Operations and Project Management- - - - - @Bakaka

• Education and Developer Relations- - - - - @jlwaugh

• Administrator/ Community Manager- - - - -@Yuen

– Governance and Strategy:

• Build, Manage and oversee Governance Framework

• Develop and oversee strategies that aid in Regional Communities Growth

• Overseas, manages and Develop Partnerships in and out of the dao and Larger Near Ecosystem

• Develop and manage Community Outreach programs and governance that aid partnerships, collaborations and onboarding new members into the ecosystem

• Manage RCdao Charter and Framework

– RC Community Relations and Activities:

• Overseas and Manage relations between all community leaders and Regional Hubs.

• Set Goals and Strategies for Regional hubs and Regional Community

• Overseas and managed Community Marketing

• Oversee and Manage Community Media and Social Media structures and guidelines. E.g News stream, Dashboard, Guidelines,

• Set guidelines to onboard new regional community DAOs…

• Provide Support to Regional Communities/DAOs

– Operations and Project Management

• Oversee and Manage RCdao Projects and Calendar

• Oversee Admin Operations and Direct Task

• Manage and Community Organise Trello and Dashboard

• Oversee and manage Special projects

– Education and Dev Relations

• Build and Manage Educational Programs for the Ecosystem

• Manage Developer relations in the Ecosystem

• Develop and manage strategies to engage and increase developer engagement with BOS and other ecosystem tools

• Develop developer programs that onboard new developers and incentivise developers to build on the Ecosystem.

• Develop Educational Content and Curriculum that be used by Regional Communities and can be translated into different Languages

– Administrator and Activity Management :

• Overseas and manages RC Meetings and Minutes

• Oversees and manages all RC Community Channels and community activities

• Manage and oversee Community Proposals Request

• Manage and Moderate information being passed out to the community

• Operational Budget

Furthermore, it will be good to catch up with the June report and a few updates that are important moving forward.

June’s report

RC-DAO Budget for July, August and September


Below is the list of proposals received for the month of June.

[Approved] Regional DAO Dashboard

[Closed] NEAR APAC

[Approved-$3000] Near Korea DAO Monthly Marketing and Community Growth Budget - July

[Closed] Web 3.0 North African Alliance: Uniting Communities Across Tunisia Through a Three Cities Meetups Roadshow

[Closed] Funding For the NEAR French Community for July and August

[Closed] NEAR Native Community (Social Media Budget) July 2023

[Closed] Near German July 2023

[Approved] NEAR Indonesia July 2023

[Approved] NEAR Türkiye July 2023

(Approved) TNEsociety onboarding, social media marketing JULY

[Closed] NEAR DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) - July 2023

[Closed] - NEAR Nigeria- July

[Closed] Blockchain Club of Uganda July

[Approved] Near Ukraine Guild | Social Media Marketing & Partnership funding for Community growth in July

[Closed] Near Hunters ru-speaking community (July)

[Closed] Near Brasil - July 2023

Only six communities were funded for activities due to funds and late reporting.

Below are a detailed analysis of every community that received funds, and those that did not receive funds.





However that some communities did not get funded, we bring you a summary of all communities. Their social media growth and number of transactions registered through their wallets.

The list of Regional Communities is updated in our temporary tracking sheet. As compared to June with a total of 61066 community members in all Regional Communities, July Records a total of 77561. This is a total of 16,495 increase in Social media growth. In these numbers, on-chain (Near social) recorded 436 for JUNE and 983 for JULY, This is an increase of 574 accounts.



  • RCdao Election Framework
  • Coordinated RCDao Election Report
  • Coordinated Post Election path forward with Continental Groups framework Structure to further decentralize RCdao and create inclusion of grassroots core contributors in governance and decision making
  • Coordinating with Continental group Core Contributors/Councils on Governance and Strategy.
  • RCdao Code of Conduct Guidelines for Continental groups


Continental Group Framework

Election Report

Quarterly Budget Process Timeline

Continental Group Guidelines

We hope that August will yield much better results as more communities have been added to RC_DAO and more are set to be funded.

Thanks to @marketingdao-council, @jlwaugh @Ola @Bakaka @Yuen @Dacha and all who made the month of July possible.


Hey my friend @IgbozeIsrael … just noticing and i needed to enquire…
This approved proposal… is it a regional community?.. Is it worthy to be referred to as a regional community? and also i remember they sound like the 9ja Musical that you managed in the past sometime ago

We have document that have explained what a Regional Community Is. You might want to go over it.

Also, yes, i started 9ja Musical but now have no hand in it.

The leaders of the community are found in their proposals and reports.

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