[Proposal] Proposal To support my craft into NFTs and Football tournament

Hey guys, I’m Oyelowo (BEGGIE), a forex/crypto trader, a football coach, And I also make sport wears. https://instagram.com/vibes_jersey?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

I am glad and also privileged to encounter the existence of the NEAR Artisan’s Family DAO. Quite learning in the ecosystem since I’ve been around,

As a football coach of Encore Football Academy

I have an idea, which I believe it will expose This DAO & NEAR protocol into more of web3 very active users.

As a sport wear (jersey) maker,

I want Family DAO to support my craft (customized jersy making) and my team in Creating Football Jersey wears in other to attract and organize a football tournament between two teams both representing and announcing NEAR protocol,

  • The purpose of these Jersey is to create physical collectible NFT wear, in such having the digital NFTs, representing the wears. The NFTs will be airdropped to all on-boarded football players NEAR Wallet.

** The purpose of this tournament is to bring an event that will attract upto 4 0people that will be onborded to the ecosystem.*

The Jersey will be for 2 teams, team A & team B it will be made with NEAR Logo Printed in front of it, and Players name at the back of the jersey.
The image of the Jersey’s will be minted as NFTs and NFT will be airdropped to each football team members NEAR Wallet, to be able to redeem their physical Jersey on the match day
It will be distributed for free to the team A & B of 32 members

Hosting a tournament will bring about gathering of over 70 people including the spectators, football players And the team supporters. At pitch.

The Event of the day will feature football match, Onboarding to the ecosystem, wallet activation, NEAR Web3 education & Introduction. which will have been passed an information ahead of the day.
So its a full web3 event/football tournament

The onboarding will happen while we register all spectators and footballers, while eductation and refreshment happens after the match.

We are proposing to use Moshood Abiola polytechnic Stadium

I want my craft to be supported as an artisan and I want this to be an avenue to onboard upto 70 NEAR web3 active users/ Adopters

*To onboard 27 footballers
*To Produce 27 physical customized Jersey wears with NEAR logo
*To turn Jersey into picture NFTs & airdrop for the football players
*To activate NEAR Wallet for about 40 people, including the football players and spectators.
*To Educate everyone at the seminar after the match.
*To mint all pictures of event activities on FamilyDAO’s mintbase

To actualize this, total fund of $698 will be needed, which the breakdown goes in

28 Jerseys :$300
3 Football:$50
Graphic design( jersey designs, match fliers, match statistics design):$50
Video coverage and photograph : $150
Refreshment: $98
Man of the match Near token award: $50

Total: $698

project/event manager managers: Myself and @Zeph
target wallet: zephaniah.near
@DUCHESS1 @Jummyk @sterryo


Nice , I would love to watch the display of these young talents :clinking_glasses:


there is an update in this, if @creativesdao-council could review this again. thank you



astro dao.
payout link https://www.mintbase.io/contract/familyartisan.mintbase1.near/token/95