[PROPOSAL] Primordia DAO I Onboarding I July 2022

Primordia DAO I Onboarding I July 2022

Going along with our year long project, we will onboard 11 more DAOs that are already doing important work aligned with our visions. These DAOs will continue to slowly be added to the virtual Primordia exhibition that officially launched in June. All will be expanding the creative vision of a skill sharing, value shifting digital to real world community founded on decentralized coordination, sustainability, regeneration and equity.

Budget Total: $2500 USD

  • [$600] (12N per DAO x 11 DAOs) - to fund the creation of 11 DAOs on astro DAO with extra funds to create their wallets
  • [$1900] (split by two instructors) 100+ hours of one on ones walking through Web3 understandings & DAO creation to build DAOs, ecosystem introductions, weekly updates, training to help primary members onboard new members, on call support.
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Hey @adrianseneca, Who are the two Instructors?

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Hey @Monish016

The instructors are @godofnfts and myself @adrianseneca

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