[PROPOSAL] Primordia DAO I Onboarding I June 2022

Primordia DAO I Onboarding I June 2022

Going along with our year long roadmap, we will onboard 6 more DAOs that are already doing important work aligned with our visions. While we are in NYC we will be onboarding communities there into the project.

Budget Total: $1000 USD

  • [$600] (100 USD per DAO) - to fund the creation of 6 DAOs on astro DAO with extra funds to create their wallets and learn the space
  • [$400] (split by two instructors) 60+ hours of one on ones walking through Web3 understandings & DAO creation with each DAO, ecosystem introductions, weekly updates, training to help primary members onboard new members, and recording of updates for overall onboarding tracking

@adrianseneca You all are amazing! The mentoring has been absolutely amazing.

I am hoping to bring Presence DAO, Pacha DAO, and TulumCoin DAO and our NFTs to NYC NFT.

I’ve been running into more folks who want to form DAOs including a regenerative community in Merida (near Tulum), a lending circle in South Africa, a Neo Soul DAO out of Philadelphia, a Vegan Food Guide in Tulum, and next level web project out of Tulum that could potentially integrate with Presence.

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Amazing @shiftshapr !! Synergizing with you has been amazing so far! It would be an honor to have you present at the event at NFT.NYC!