[PROPOSAL] Primordia DAO I Giveaways for Primordia 100 DAOs @ NFT.NYC

Giveaways for Primordia 100 DAOs @ NFT.NYC

Primordia will be headlining the an event at the High Bar in NYC during NFT.NYC where we will be executing an artistically curated showcase experience of Primordia DAO’s village building in the metaverse and beyond. This exclusive evening will host 300-500 high level industry leaders from across disciplines, providing panel discussions, presentations, drinks, Primordia product giveaways, NFTs and NEAR wallets paired with in person onboarding education. The event will serve as a physical reflection of our virtual art exhibition of Primordia which is currently being curated in New Art City and features some of the 30+ DAOs we have already onboarded and their NFT art. All NFT’s will be minted on NEAR through Mintbase. Primordia 100 DAOs will serve as The Kin DAO’s x Primordia DAO’s official mainstream, public introduction that highlights NEAR on global platforms as an ethical, sustainable, creative, user friendly, community focused, social good protocol.

During this event we will be spotlighting some of the successful DAOs that have been onboarded onto NEAR during our 6 months of operation! We are requesting funding to support the creation of the physical products that our spotlighted DAOs will be creating as giveaways for our guests at the event. These products will be given away through a raffle during the event.

Budget Total: $500

$150- EFAM DAO Wellness Box

  • Seasonal Herbal Wellness Box full of mixed herbal products in which 20% proceeds go towards West Oakland unhoused communities.

$250 - Underhill Studio DAO Jewelry Set

  • Unique crystal and metal jewelry set made by a Master Jeweler and Inventor from Underhill Studio DAO with over a decade of experience.

$100 - ARC DAO Chameleon

  • Unisex multi-functional garment & living device. The unique design is celebrated for its versatility & originality.

$100 - Nothin But Hits DAO Clothing

  • Made-to-Order, sustainably produced, environmentally conscious clothing line that donates to aligned organizations yearly.
  • $30 Beanie
  • $40 Basic Long Sleeve
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