[Approved] funding request for eth milan 2023 - (planet lukukul)

hello :vulcan_salute:t5:

planet lukukul is interested in showcasing our story and creatives at eth milan, this proposal is to give reason to that and for your consideration.


  • our primary objective is to showcase the talent we have within the community.

  • to bring our second story to the exhibition and attract and onboard more like minded creators to the project and near.

  • to share our own approach towards collaboration.

  • to physically meet with other creatives dao members that we’ve spent months interacting with virtually.

  • to connect with other projects and people attending eth milan.

  • to add this to our portfolio.


reespect, founder of planet lukukul & council member in c1 foundation.

find attached an image that contains more:

reespect (i) will be working directly with the creatives dao before and during to bring the vision to life.

the scope of involvement is beyond planet lukukul because the creatives dao is the focal point.


  • we aim to exhibit an immersive experience of our second story; to planet lukukul that is being put together by different creatives with varying expertise.

  • we will be adding to the showcase of how diverse and relevant the projects from creatives dao are.

  • this showcase will lead to onboarding more people into the creatives dao and inevitably near as a whole.

flight cost

find attached a screenshot of a round trip from lagos (los) to milan (lin) dated 3rd october - 7th october

prices could go higher as we approach the date.
price: 803,245 naira which is ≈ $1000

thank you.


Hey @reespect
The proposal for ETH Milan flight tickets has been approved by the CreativesDAO vertical!

To receive the grant, please follow the steps outlined in the guide below: Guide - Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines.