[PROPOSAL] Paint & Chill with Near 2.0

We are excited to bring back one of the biggest Art & Culture events in the Near ecosystem.

This edition of Paint & Chill with Near promises to be better than its previous.


• Lack of visibility of Near Dapps

• Low UAW interacting with creative Dapps on Near

• Misconception about web 3.0 and its possibilities

• No real life Near community member interaction.

• Increase the Unique Active wallet of Near Creative Dapps

• Educate newbies on how to interact with DAPPS On Near ( Near social, Nativo, Mintbases, etc)

• Enlightenment on the possibilities in Web 3 & Near ecosystem

• Real life creative community interaction

• Visibility for Creatives Dapps on Near

• Stimulate the Art & cultural value on Near

Some of the Near DAPPS that will be introduced to attendees at the event include the following:

• Near wallet
• Near Socials
• Mintbase

• Satori.art

• Far & few

• Paras

Event Structure:

Tentative Date:	May 2023
Location:	Lagos Nigeria
Target audience: Web 2 Creatives, Near community members, Stakeholders in established web 2 creative firms, web 3.0 enthusiast, etc.
Expected guest: 200 - 300 attendees.
Duration:	7 hours

Onchain KPI

  • Every attendee will create an account on Near social and post their activities.(E.g selfie, artworks, NFT, story)

  • Satori.art membership badge has already been created for new members to mint\claim.

  • We also created a poll on Astrodao to foster decentralization and get members opinion on our activities.

Key metrics & Deliverables

• Wallet on chain activity from this event will be measured with Near blockchain explorer

• Onboard 150 – 200 attendees to different communities in creatives Dao and Near ecosystem

• Educate 100 – 200 attendees on Interaction with Near Dapps related to their career paths.

• Visibility for Near creatives Dao to over 200- 300 attendees

• Organic growth and unique active wallet of up to 50+

• Creation of 100+ arts and NFTs at the event

• Enhance the relationship of Near community members.

• Creation of new Near wallets for newbies via the use of QR code & Satori platform as suggested by @williamx

• Basic data collection of 200 - 300 attendees for follow up after the event. (Telegram username, telephone no, Near wallet address)

• AMA session with attendees after the event.


Event venue - $350: Please note that an estimate of 200 – 300 guest is expected and an estimated event time of 7hours, hence the price for a conducive space.

Material - $500: An estimate of 100 - 200 attendees will be involved in creation of arts. Material includes cost for easel, paint, canva, brush, apron.

Neardrop link - $200: ($2 * 100) Only attendees without Near wallet will be given a QR code to create a wallet. 70 – 100 attendees are estimated to be newbies.

Manual Book - $100: This pamphlet will feature the QR code, guide on how to mint & interact with Dapps on Near, list of different guild/community in the ecosystem with their role, mission and vision.

Banner & backdrop - $150

Customized Cup with Near & Near x art logo - $100

Refreshment - $500: This is limited to first 100 attendees. An estimate of $5 per head ($5 * 100 = $500)

Physical & Online promotion for the event - $150

Event mc & music servive - $150

Video & photography - $300 :

Total: $2,500

Prove of Work:

I have hosted series of events within the Near Ecosystem both virtual and in person and I have had an outpouring attendance, value creation and have attained all key deliverables. Link to some of the reports below: