[PROPOSAL] Operation Integration and Weekly Patois Content Creation Bounty

This is the third and final activity we would be carrying out for the DAO in this proposal.

Name: Operation Integration and Weekly Patois Content Creation Bounty
Duration: May – June
Venue: ReggaeDAO Telegram and Metaverse
About Activity
Goal: To facilitate inter – DAO Collaborations and integrate new members into the ecosystem

This type of activity is an integration exercise aimed at occupying the newly onboarded members with DAO and Near Related Activities such as weekly content creations in patois about the Near Protocol. This activity must be 100% Near Related and must be in Patois.

The Essence:
This is to grow and strengthen the bond between the Carribeans and Reggae loving People and the Near Protocol. In April, we will have on boarded and created Near Wallets for new members and to integrate them, we will create weekly bounties in which they can also participate, keep their wallets functioning and bring in more users.

a. Another essence is to facilitate inter – DAO collaborations as producers from other Music making Daos can collaborate with Patois Speakers to create amazing contents.


  1. The bounty will take the following order
    a. There will be a post on the forum for bounty and every Patois speaking individual and contribute
    b. The bounty is content creation all about Near Related Activities
    c. The contents must be original and just a video of 1minute
    d. The following criteria will be used as yard sticks for choosing winners
    i. Originality of patois
    ii. Originality and relevance of content
    iii. Audibility and video quality of content
    iv. Accuracy and validity of content.

  2. Producers from other DAOs will or may contact Patois speaking individuals and they can make contents together. i.e. Near Protocol Updates or News or other related aspects in Patois but mixed with a reggae infused beat.

Each Winning Content is awarded 20usd
Budget: 950usd.

Council Job
a. To facilitate the smooth running of the bounty over 8 weeks.
b. To create awareness on the metaverse and social media
c. To ensure quality, fair and un – bias bounty
d. To disburse funds to the winners.
@Jahzonemusician and myself will handle this.

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