[PROPOSAL] Community Audio and Video Collaborations in Patois

Hello All,

Recently we have started a move to spread the NEAR education into the Caribbeans through Reggae Music and one way of doing that is by using the musical genre’s lingo, which is Patois.

Also, we have been funded for the ReggaeDao’s website which will be in Patois too and this collaboration too eventually will serve as a way of contributing contents to the website.

Apart from the website, we are going to mint on Mintbase and we also hope to go into collaborations with Near Protocol’s music streaming platform Tamago or Ama this month.

The community audio and video collaborations will focus solely on people’s NEAR Protocol stories, which we hope to br pushed to the Caribbeans through social media.

This will be in form of a bounty to allow for equal opportunity for all ReggaeDao members.

Producers will submit instrumentals and judges will decide and same goes to the vocalists. Where there are ties, the community will vote for winners.

When winners are picked, they will then make a video of their songs in the studio or the street, upload on google drive and submit the links.

This will be a way of creating contents for the ReggaeDao website.

Graphics: 100usd
Producers: 700usd
Vocalists: 700usd
Total: 1500usd

Near Forever.


Hey @BigM007 , it´s not very clear how the funds will be distributed/used and how this bounty will be run. For me, it´s quite a large amount of funding to be distributed as a bounty prize.

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Thank you for your response @ted.iv .

We are looking at getting all the community members engaged by creating a bounty that will lead to content creation eventually.

It’s like using a stone to kill two birds.

We will award 1400usd to both producers and vocalists.

Out of all the contestants that participate, we will choose only 7producers and 7vocalists, and they will be awarded 100usd therefore
7producers = 700usd
7vocalists = 700usd
Graphics for all the songs produced = 100usd
Total = 1500usd

After the vocalists finish making their songs, they will then go ahead and make video recordings of their songs to complete their projects.

The audio recordings will be minted on our store and linked to reggaedao website (almost complete) and the videos too will be uploaded on our website.

I hope this answers your question.

Thank you