[Proposal] A Content creation about Near Ecosystem June - August 2023

Second activity
Hello CreativeDao council,

We are ReggaeDAO would love to submit this proposal for content creation in Patois for three months; June to August

Proposal Summary
Recently, we have been funded for several projrcts which have been carried out and duly reported after which we sae an increment in our community activities, participation and engagement, especially form the targetted area.

Consequently, we wish to continue with

A. Content creation about the Near Ecosystem in Patois.

a. There will be 3 posts a week both on instagram, twitter and Facebook on Patois about updates and information about the Near Ecosystem.
b. There will be content creations which would be videos only in which people would be directed to make video contents about the Near Protocol where they:
i. Share their stories in Patois
ii. Explain basic contents in Patois (those ones that havent been explained yet in Patois)
iii. Engage with social media posts

Values to the Near Ecosystem
The following are the anticipated values to the Near Ecosystem:
i. Promotion of Near Awareness in the Caribbean region and to all reggae loving people
ii. Increased engagement and participation
Iii. Wallets creations
Iv. Onboarding

How do we measure success?
We measure success based on results achieved through a process and the folowings are what we intend to achieve.

a. Creation of new wallets through bounty for content making and onboarding of new people
b. Increase of our social media pages
Twitter: 500 New Followers
Instagram: 500 New Followers
Facebook: 500 New Followers
Website: At least 20 New Updates (in videos and images)

The contents created too would be minted on mintbase.

Timeline:June to August.
Total requested funds:
1800usd in DAI

Breakdown of funds
600usd x 3 for content creation in Patois (1800usd)

Total: 1800usd for 3months

Reggaedao Council members:-


This is awesome, nice project

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