(proposal) lagos beach photo carnival and onboarding of 20 photographers in lagos, nigeria

My name is Roxy (The Entertainer), I am one of the post-production and Cinematography Crew of the C1 Guild; I edited both the video and the pictures that were recorded during the C1 and Nxm Abuja Tour

I am directly involved in some of the artworks and visual contents posted by some members of the Ecosystem;

and I have also participated in different Bounties by different DAO, of which the Vertebra Logo Bounty by the CUDO DAO is in session

Over the years, I have been in the Cinematography field for 9 years, and I have met a lot of people of same mind who are into either Photography or Videography (or both). To sum it up, I spent 4 years in University of Nigeria, Nsukka studying Theatre & Film Making.

Having being an active member of the Web 3 Ecosystem, I have decided to onboard many photographers and videographers who are in this field with me. Because 99.9% of the Career people I have met in the Film world, does not know much about the web 3 Ecosystem, not to talk of knowing that there is something like minting a photography work or video content.

In this regard, I have come up with a Carnival that can help bring these people together and onboard them into the $NEAR Ecosystem. This gave birth to “LAGOS BEACH PHOTO CARNIVAL” and using that medium to onboard nothing less than 20 “professional” photographers in Lagos, Nigeria; and minting nothing less than 100 contents captured during the Carnival.

-To onboard and educate photographers about the NEAR web3 ecosystem.
-To create and activate their various NEAR wallets.
-To accumulate photography NFTs that’ll be minted in the DAO Mintbase store.

We will set out a timeline of taking maximum of 5 (selected) pictures, back up the raw files and allow the photographer to go with the unedited pictures, which will be expected to be edited by the owner in maximum of 2 days to claim 0.5 $NEAR.

This manipulated NFTs will be minted with split revenue & royalty of 30% to the DAO wallet and 70% to the artist in order to help them experiment.

To achieve this, we need to provide/hire Camera for those who do not have tool (or who would take absence of tools as an excuse). We will also have to document the event and mint the high resolution video through unlockable platform in the Mintbase store.


Rented Cameras for those that don’t have one ( max 10)_$30 per rent X10 =$300
Event Documentation (video & pictures) = ( 2 cameras with 1 drone ) = $400
Snacks & soft drinks ( 25 person ) =$100
4 Crew payment $50x5 =$200
0.5 to be claimed x20 =$132

Beach Logistics =$400
(Which includes
30 members beach entrance $150,
Space with tables & chairs $120,
20 Cameras Permit, Beach Artistic Props and miscellaneous $130)

Advert materials( E-flyer & banner ) =$150

Total = $1682

Including $NEAR to activate 20 wallets

This Carnival is to hold on 7th May; but publicity and awareness would start two weeks before the event.
Pictures taken, would be available for minting 4 days after the event and the event Documentation would be ready for minting one week after the event.

Cc: @JCB @Dedeukwu

Wallet for Project Payout:


Yeah dope…Go Roxy Go Roxy

Photography NFTs and education is a good one so I’m curious to know if you belong to the association of photographers in Lagos state cos that’s an easy way to call out for them. :blush:


Nice one, # Near community up we go.

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Thank you so much @Dedeukwu

Yes, I belong to a group known as Cinematographers Arena, simply put as CA

And we have over 120 members, 80% of them are in Lagos State.

I was so dumbfounded when I was talking about web3 Ecosystem, and very few of them have tried even to mint their job on any of the Web3 Ecosystem Marketplace.

I’m talking about professionals who are doing so well in the web2 Market; but are yet to take a strong step on the web3

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Thank you so much @Adebanjo

I’m so happy about the $NEAR web 3 Platform and it’s great opportunities

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Yeah that’s a good one, no blames on them cos the space is still early just a matter of little time fam btw i love your proposal and look forward to seeing it happen. :purple_heart:

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Thank you so much @Dedeukwu

I really appreciate fam

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Great set up idea @Roxy :clap:
I love seeing creativity all around. I will love to see this happen. Warm regards.


Thanks alot @Purpledots

Let’s spread gospel of $NEAR web 3 Ecosystem

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I love this idea bro
Go for it!

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Thank you so much @boy_chula

Will be a great experience embarking on the project

Hey @Roxy can you explain what the beach logistics are and a breakdown of the $400 for it?



Hello Fam @JCB

Here in Nigeria, especially in Lagos, one pays for everything in the Beach; starting from entrance to the chairs you sit, the tables, the space you hold your event, the horses, and any material at all inside the Beach.

This is the breakdown of the Beach Logistics:

Entrance of 30 Attendants
(Incuding Photographers & Crew Members)

Getting a space with tables & chairs for 30 Attendants (Including Photographers & Crew Members)

Beach Owners Settlement to allow use of 20 Cameras (because photographers allowed to take pictures are those registered under their union) and other unforseen costs as a result of using any of the Beach Props by the Photographers for their creative pictures.