[PROPOSAL] KERNEL Block 7 September 22 as MotionDAO member

target wallet: tatirosa.near

Tatiana Rosa was selected to Kernel block 7 and will participate throughout September and October with other MotionDAO members: Amber @spareworks , Victor @catalejo and Mariana @mcpoieses

She is requesting $400 for the month of September to support part of her time and study as a fellow in Kernel Block 7.

The focus will be in-depth research she has been doing on MotionDAO and HubMotionBR, which is the Performative Onboarding, the exploration of web3 in an embodied way, minding every action and emotions connected to exchange value, and minting NFT as “checkpoints” of this process.

The main question for the K73 is inspired by the MotionDAO colleague, @TheQueen : what can we create if we remember that we are still people, lives and bodies?

The second layer of question, which has deepened in these months of MotionDAO, is: how to deepen the focus on relationships and not on the results in a web3 environment as intense as the Kernel?

Activities proposed in connection to the Kernel & MotionDAO:

  • article to be published on MotionDAO Medium account about the September Kernel´s experience;

  • an embodiment / NFT workshop as a form to communicate this experience, as part of the Performative Onborading research.

About the workshop:

  • all participants will open NEAR wallets and receive an NFT

  • workshop duration: 3 hours

  • maximum number of participants: 20

Target wallet:


Request $400