[Approved] Monthly NxM playlist for guild members

Hey y’all,

I want to put together a monthly playlist on the audius platform to highlight the work of NxM guild members. I think this serves both to help promote the communities work, as well as to build engagement with listeners and bring in new artists. I could do this on an NxM audius account we can set up for the community that I can manage, if approved, potentially giving us room for further promotion of the communities tracks by highlighting and reposting work outside of the playlist as well.

*Initial goals would be to build and establish an Audius profile for NxM.
*Build a playlist of 15 tracks highlighting the works of the community.
*Build a spreadsheet database of artists from the guild that have audius accounts, as well as who has been featured, and which tracks. Both for transparency, as well as to make sure we can spread the spotlight around the community.
*Ideally, I would re-apply to run and maintain this for at least 6 months, in order to give enough time to see if this benefits the community, as well as enough time to get things in good standing order so that hopefully I am able to have other guild members take turns running things, or expand to having different members for different genres, whatever feels most appropriate.

Total Request: 50 NEAR monthly
NEAR name: bonepoliceofficial.near

Thanks so much,

Jacob Bruggman (Bone Police)


This is awesome! It’s great for guild members to have a dedicated playlist on Audius and take advantage of the platform!

Can you also create a database/list that can be viewable by all with everyone who has an audius account and encourage those who don’t to create one to add their tracks to?


Great idea. I can keep a spread sheet for artists that are on, and we can setup a signup sheet we can pin in the telegram so that new members can add themselves as the space grows.


Awesome! Hope this can lead to some sort of tipping mechanism, that would be cool!


Love that idea. I was thinking about that, too


Ooo I want in. I haven’t been uploading to Audius on the regular but this would help remind me to. Audius


@bonepolice submit this to the DAO if you haven’t already. It would be a monthly thing, so you’ll need to do another post each new month.

If you could provide a detailed outline of the work needed to be done and a list of milestones that would be awesome! Looking fwd to this.

To update:

I have compiled a list of artists and their audius pages from the community and put it in a google spreadsheet, as well as created a gmail account for the audius account.

I put together the first playlist featuring 15 tracks from within our community. This was essentially my goal for the first month, as I expect since the community is still young and getting participation and involvement takes some nurturing.

During this process, Vandal made the great recommendation to use the playlist as radio for our discord servers, so we are working to implement that with Steven (Trash Lights).

I also connected with Dedeukwu to share the playlist on the community Twitter and will work towards coordinated a regular promotional post.

Next month, if approved to continue, I want to work with Createbase to set a bounty for someone in the community to do cover art for the playlist. This should give us better visibility and cross community connection. I still need to speak with someone about putting this together and working out the necessary details.

Last note- I originally wrote the proposal for 50N due to the initial time needed to set everything up and connect with enough community members in order to compile submissions, but I accidentally only submitted for a 10N payout. Which is totally fine, but I only want to make note because I think regularly, this project should probably compensate somewhere between 30-50N as we grow and expand. I say this primarily because I hope to eventually be able to include more, or pass the project onto, other community members to keep things communal and fresh, and the position should be compensated in a way that properly rewards and incentivizes participation.

*We placed in the Top 5 playlists our first week on Audius and were awarded 100 AUDIO as a result!

Hi guys is Audius not built on Solana? Why are we pushing this? We should support the NEAR ecosystem as a NEAR guild and find projects that are building on NEAR. Just my thoughts on this

Sorry for responding to this so late, but we had conversation about this in the telegram chat, I just thought it could be valuable to have some aspects here, as well, so more can see.

After reflection on this, I totally understand your thoughts. And like I’d said in the telegram, I’d never really considered it as pushing audius, more as utilizing it as a tool for NxM guild promotion while also keeping to blockchain tech. That said, it is clear that everyone in the community has the desire for a NEAR based streaming platform. Myself VERY much included.

I can see value in continuing the Audius playlist until the NEAR platform is available, but I also completely understand if it is outside the scope of what we are really trying to accomplish with our expansion of NEAR community. I would love to hear more thoughts and maybe we can come up with innovative ways to still promote the output of our community in a contained manor, but utilize tools that maybe I’m not aware of!

Thank you for starting this new consideration for me, tho, Carolin! I have so many blind spots as I learn this new space, and appreciate new things to be thinking of!


All good! I think it is up to every guild, just saw this and got confused. I hope we can have a nice streaming music system on NEAR soon :slight_smile:

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In reflection of the first month of our playlist initiative, we accomplished putting together a playlist that placed in the top 5 for streams on the platform paying out a reward of ~$70USD that we are going to convert to NEAR and put toward rewards in the community (yet to be determined the form of this). We started the compilation of our communities submissions and streaming information. And grew our platform from brand new to 28 followers.

I have a proposal for a second month that I will submit soon that I feel will give us even more opportunity to grow our community presence!

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