[Approved] NxM playlist for month of July

Hey y’all,

I want to continue to put together a monthly playlist to highlight the work of NxM guild members. I think this serves both to help promote the communities work, as well as to build engagement with listeners and bring in new artists. I also want to have a guest from the community put together a curated playlist on the NxM account.

June Playlist - Audius

New features for July
*Have a guest curator
-Keyboard Kid confirmed for July!
*Have guest cover art for both playlists
-I want to have bounties in createbase to draw from that community for these pieces

*Initial goals would be to build and establish an Audius profile for NxM.
*Build a playlist of 15 tracks highlighting the works of the community.
*Continue to build a spreadsheet database of artists from the guild that have audius accounts, as well as who has been featured, and which tracks. Both for transparency, as well as to make sure we can spread the spotlight around the community.
*Increase visibility with guest curators from the periphery of our community
*Ideally, I would re-apply to run and maintain this for at least 6 months, in order to give enough time to see if this benefits the community, as well as enough time to get things in good standing order so that hopefully I am able to have other guild members take turns running things, or expand to having different members for different genres, whatever feels most appropriate.

Request Breakdown: 30N to guest curator, 10N for each Createbase bounty (20N total), 30N to self
Total Request: 80 NEAR monthly
NEAR name: bonepoliceofficial.near

Thanks so much,

Jacob Bruggman (Bone Police)


Great work Jacob, I like how this is evolving. I’m not sure if an idea I just had could fit with the future direction of this initiative, but I was thinking something like the Top of the Blocks weekly rundown but on NEAR.

I had initially put 50 N for this, but we still have some left over from the last round of funding. Should be good to go!

@JMaenen @zeitwarp @Grace what do you think?


I thinking doing a charting type rundown could be really cool. Let me kick the idea around for a bit and see how I think I might be able to integrate that in the future. The current platform is a little limited in data it provides, but I bet I can get creative with a little bit of time.

Originally I had it at 50N, but once I started to explore the guest playlisters, I added resources to compensate them. Just as explanation for increased budget. But this would be the budgetary expectations for at least the next 3 months (as that’s how far I’m trying to get things rough mapped).


yep, all sounds good to me


The playlists dropped yesterday, and are currently sitting at 10 & 12 on the trending charts. For this month, we were able to add in a second playlist with a guest curator who was then onboarded into the community with Keyboard Kid (playlist - Audius ) which featured art by Createbase community member TRENDHEO. As well as putting out our community playlist (here - Audius ) Which featured art by Barry Sebastian, who is an artist/musician that reached out to me finding me via my audius profile, that we will be soon onboarding into the community.

I feel really happy about the ways that expanding the play to feature guest curation has helped to bring in new members. I feel that having someone get involved in a project as their introduction is an effective way to integrate. Excited to see how we can continue to use this project as a means to expand our community!


-Monthly Report of July-

We saw the addition of the curated playlist take place, as well as crossover engagement with the Createbase community to make cover art for playlist. We also minted the art and sold 2 copies on the NxM mintbase store, 20% going to the NxM guild.

We also brought in a new member to the community by way of commissioning the community playlist art to an artist that reached out to me personally because of seeing my music on Audius, I turned it into an onboarding opportunity and now Barry Sebastian as been taking an active roll in community participation! Plus we also sold a copy of his art as an NFT from the NxM mintbase store.

In regard to engagement and follower growth, we saw both playlists track in the top 10 on the Audius platform for roughly two weeks. As well as grew our account from 28 followers last month to 48 this month!

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