[PROPOSAL] NxM Drip Drops

NxM Drip Drops


Create limited edition, NFT based NxM merchandise with well known designer, Bart NYC, in order to bring more mainstream influencers into the NFT space, and to bring more attention to the NxM guild and NEAR protocol.

Who’s Involved?

BGoldNYC (Apparel Designer)


Acclaimed designer @BgoldNYC’s (Instagram) architectural eye, and unique cut & sew apparel has afforded him partnerships with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Lauryn Hill, Fivio Foreign, Toyota and more.

OT9Beno (Primary Artist)


NY artist OT9Beno is an artist under Fivio Foreign’s 800 Foreignside imprint. His project “Fully Active” was recently released on all major platforms.

Chornij Black (NFT Designer)


Renowned graphic designer most known for his work with Pop Smoke.

Connect the Coast (Label)


A Web 3.0 independent hip-hop label based on the central coast of California. Specializing in NFT design, merch and music.


Create 1 piece of fashion forward NFT merchandise for the NxM Guild. The NFT will unlock an unreleased OT9Beno song featuring a NxM Guild member and a physical piece of merchandise designed by BGOLDNYC. OT9Beno will provide an unreleased song with an open 16 bar slot. NxM Guild members can record and submit their best verses, OT9Beno’s team will select one winner to be featured and promoted by Connect the Coast and OT9beno.

Only 100 NFTs will be minted on a BGOLDNYC mint base store with 11% going back to NxM Guild.

Fulfillment will be managed by BGOLDNYC.

Guild Involvement

NxM Guild’s involvement would include but not be limited to, a feature bounty.

Tentative Timeline

November 5th

  • Submit 50% deposit to OT9beno.
  • Submit the unreleased OT9beno track to NxM Guild and begin verse bounty.
  • Submit 50% deposit to Chornij Black for NFT design.
  • Submit payment to BGOLDNYC.

November 20th

  • Deadline for verse submission.

November 31st

  • OT9Beno selects winner

Dec 2nd

  • Final mix and master of OT9beno due.
  • Submits final payments to OT9beno and NxM Guild member.

Dec 3-4th

  • Mint NFTs

Dec 5th

  • Launch Merchandise

Ask: $4,500

BGOLDNYC (manufacturing, design, distribution, artist relations) - $2,000

OT9beno - $1,000

Chornij Black - $500

Minting - $250

NxM Winner - $250

Connect the Coast (artwork, executive production, creator relations)- $500


Super dope initiative! :100:


Thank you, hopefully we can make this an on-going quarterly event!


excited for the upcoming events

Peace @Connectthecoast apologies for the delay in replying to your post. Had a chance to read through this amazing proposal and have a couple of comments that are specific to NxM.

At the moment, NxM can only fund events at $1000 or less as the guild only receives up to $5,000 USD a month in funding.

I suggest possibly sourcing funding from a variety of DAO’s or by setting up your own DAO and requesting funds directly from Creatives DAO @creativesdao-council.

For merch there’s Swagger DAO as well… I think we could figure out how to make this possible as I see a lot of value in a project like this one!


I love these ideas thank you for the feedback I’ll make the adjustments :grinning:


Let me know if you need help with anything to move this forward!