[Approved] Old-school boom bap beat tape


My name’s Max aka INACHE.
i’m a producer, beatmaker, and multi-instrumentalist, working in many genres for last 10 years.

At the moment I’m working on an old-school boom bap beat tape whose main idea is calm and relaxation.
it will consist of 8 tracks and be presented as EP.
Also I plan to shoot a promo video for the EP-album in Goa.
All the music and video will be minted as NFTs on NxM store, collected to one 3xr-gallery and promoted via social media.
After the tape will be finished i`m going to make a metaverse live performance with NFT-drop of minted video for guests.

You can hear some raw beats from the tape here:

Links to my social media:


Funding that is needed for this project :
Mixing and mastering beats : $200
Art for album (covers for NFTs and EP) : $50
Video production : $250
Total : $500 in NEAR

Wallet - inache.near

thank you


Hi @INACHE, thank you for the proposal.

Congratulations on becoming an official member of NxM. Just want to confirm that the EPs are going to be minted on NxM store, and you’ll get the support from GOA DAO for promoting it? Tagging @johanga to join the fun here :smiley:

I`m edit the proposal according to actual statement and what i’m sure with definitely is left there now :slight_smile:


My man, that beat from your Twitch at the 7:00 minute mark is absolutely dope.


Hi @inache, thank you for your proposal.

Happy to inform you that the proposal has been approved. Feel free to request 50% of the requested funds to NxM.

cc: @williamx @rhymetaylor


I finished my beat tape but don`t understand how i can mint it to NxM store)
Can you help me with that? I only find guide how to mint in Open NxM, its the same?

Come on to telegram. There are people who can help you to do that.

Wiswiz already help me)

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