[Proposal] NFTribe to Engage Indonesian Non-Blockchain Communities

DAO/Project Information

  • Organization Name: NFTribe

  • Proposal Title: NFTribe to Engage Indonesian Non-Blockchain Communities

  • Establishment Date: [February 2022]

  • DAO’s Category: NFT, Community Engagement, Arts, and Culture

  • Project’s Category: Community Expansion and Engagement

Previous Funding

  • Funding Received:


  • DAO / Project Website:[https://upakarya.org - [in re-development process]

  • Social Media Distribution Channels:

Applicant Information


Hi Near Community,

I’m Hanif, a passionate member of the NEAR Indonesia Guild. In the past, I organized a successful event called ‘NFTribe,’ comprising 15 comprehensive Workshop Series spanning from Blockchain to NFTs. These workshops educated Indonesian talent and the public about the world of NFTs. I’m proud to say we achieved our goal with more than 2000 attendees and received positive feedback, thanks to the support from NEAR and our exclusive partnership with Paras NFT Marketplace. After briefly stepping away to complete my business school studies, I’ve now graduated and am eager to return to the industry I’m passionate about. To make a significant impact on mass adoption, especially for NEAR Protocol, my preferred blockchain, I’ve founded ‘Matra,’ a creative agency with a team of experts specializing in campaign creative directing and event organizing. Our primary focus is on marketing, especially creating compelling content for short campaigns. In addition, I recently co-founded Geovox dApp, which has been nominated for a $20,000 grant from NEAR’s hackathon in 2023. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the NEAR Protocol ecosystem and would like to apply for this program to further my commitment. It’s good to be back :slight_smile:

Check out our previous workshops to see our commitment to blockchain education. Soon, we’ll compile these recordings on our new website, aiming to be a go-to resource for Indonesians exploring the open web. View Our Work.

DAO/Project Charter and Goals

  • Project Overview:

NFTribe, in collaboration with Utopia Collaboration Space in Indonesia, is expanding its mission beyond the established blockchain community to welcome non-blockchain enthusiasts into the fold. Our goal is to introduce the vibrant and inclusive world of NEAR to a broader audience, opening doors to innovative possibilities in the creative industry. By hosting events that blend education with entertainment, we’re inviting industry trailblazers and newcomers alike to explore and engage with the NEAR platform, fostering a community where technology meets art and collective growth is at the forefront.

NFTribe is honing its focus on the Indonesian community, orchestrating a series of warm-up events leading to the grand nftribe main event scheduled for the month’s end. our ambition is to captivate an audience of 2,000 attendees, leveraging the utopia collaboration space which offers a sprawling 2,500m² area. this space is strategically designed to accommodate 1,000 attendees per day in its outdoor venues and 120 attendees in its indoor settings, ensuring an immersive and engaging experience for all participants]

Explore our event details through the link for a concise overview of the NEAR MDAO and NFTribe - Utopia collaboration this February '24. Click here to read more: View the Proposal.

  • Problem Addressed: Limited awareness and engagement with blockchain technology among non-blockchain communities.

  • Roadmap and Milestones: Detailing the February 24’ events as a launchpad for broader engagement throughout the year.


  • Projected Budget: $4000 for comprehensive event management, community outreach, and promotional activities to maximize reach and impact.

  • Length of Commitment: Extended through the end of the year, bolstered by our exclusive partnership with Utopia Collaboration Space for event management.

Project/DAO Longevity

  • Funding Requirement: Outline for potential future funding phases to sustain and expand community engagement.

  • Sustainability Plan: Strategies for maintaining momentum, including ongoing partnerships, community-led initiatives, and reinvestment into creative projects.

  • Potential Roadblocks: Challenges in attracting non-blockchain audiences and proposed solutions.