[Proposal] NFT-Cajon and Course of drum lessons as NFT-collection on Mintbase, GoaDAO store

Project members:

Target: cajonmajon.near
Funding: monthly
Total Requested Funding Amount in USD: 1000

Hi everybody it’s Karina!
I am the creator of the Cajon Majon brand, which manufactures miniature percussion musical instruments.

It started with a simple idea to make a lightweight compact drum that could be taken anywhere with your creativity and used spontaneously wherever you travel.

With my partner Artur we made the first compact cajon. Аnd to avoid questions about what it is, I wrote the word Cajon on it.

From this inscription a logo was born. Also our cajons look like birdhouses, that’s why the logo has a bird. Now we engrave this on each of our instruments.

Our brand has been existing since 2017 and all this time we have been making cajones together, the first 4 years traveling and transporting our workshop in a huge suitcase, and 2 years ago we started production in a stationary place in Moscow.

In 6 years we have made more than 400 cajones and shipped them around the world to 26 countries (USA, Korea, India, England, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Ireland, Lithuania, Chile, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, UAE, Portugal, Japan, Norway, Belgium, Holland)

We make ACOUSTIC and ELECTRIC portable cajons with amplifier connections for electronic music and acoustic jam sessions at home or outside.
With all the features of a full size cajon, these mini versions are about 15% the size of a normal cajon but with the amplifier connection they surpass the usual cajon in volume and sound capabilities.

Each of our portable cajons is double-sided, with a snare on one side and a sand shaker on the other. The internal snare provides precise ‘slap’ sounds, and the shaker creates continuous ‘ghost notes’ while you build the basic rhythm pattern.

it was our first promo which we created with our friends and only 3 existing cajones at that days:

Cajon Majon First Promo

Course of drum lessons as NFT-collection on Mintbase

It’s been an interesting journey full of creativity. But now we’re a bit stuck, so we’ve decided to make a drum course on mini cajons, that will be minted as NFT-collection on Mintbase, to popularize them in the web 3.0 space and to use new technology (for us).

The course will include a Hand Technique Lesson, exercises to sharpen your hand technique, and most valuable part lessons with most popular rhythms for accompaniment. After studying the course anyone will be able to jam in any style such as funk, blues, hip-hop, reggae, disco, rock, rumba, flamenco, bosa nova, baiao etc. It will be a minimalistic course, with only a demonstration and no conversations, so it will be practically multilingual:)

The plan is to produce

  1. 14 video-exercises with hand technique and 30 short video-lessons with different rhythms.

  2. Exercises will be minted as NFTs on Mintbase, then collected to 3XR-gallery and minted as 1 gallery-NFT with lots of copies - it will be used for nft-airdrops as gifts on promotion events (first - after exhibition, then in Twitter and Discord of GoaDAO to promote the project there).

  3. The lessons will be minted as NFTs using https://vault.varda.vision : “Forever Media” of NFT will include only the tiser of lesson, the whole lesson will be locked, until someone buy the NFT (as soon as a person becomes an owner of NFT, he gets the full content unlocked). The collection of 30 NFT-lessons will be minted as 3XR-gallery as well.

Whoever buys the whole NFT-collection of 30 NFT-lessons - will get our cajon as a gift (he’ll get NFT with cajon for free and the real cajon will be sent to him by mail). Each separate NFT with lesson will cost 1 NEAR.

  1. We will also mint as NFTs on Mintbase our instruments itselves. Who buys the NFT - gets a real cajon which we will send by mail.

  1. Then we’ll organize exhibition-presentation of the collection in metaverse space of GoaDAO (and on NEARHub if will make agreement with one of its rooms), where:

a) NFT-collection of lessons (tisers could be watched) will decorate walls;

b) 3XR-galleries NFTs with 14 exercises will be dropped to everyone, who attend and participate in the event as a gift;

c) some 3xr-galleries NFTs will be sent to NxM, BeatDAO and others music-connected DAOs like UniqArt.io, with invitation to attend exhibition-

d) on music dancefloor we’ll organize “drum-fest”, for this

e) Bounty on forum will be created with open call for drummers from different countries of NEAR Ecosystem who can provide with 15-20 minutes pre-recorded track to participate in the festival. each of participant will receive 1 NFT from the collection of lessons as a memory present

  1. Links to the collection on Mintbase and 3XR will be added to bio in social media of CajonMojon (Instagram, Youtube, website) and will be promoted there, as well as in social media of GoaDAO, using promo-videos that is already made. the metaverse exhibition will be promoted the same way, and through NEAR Ecosystem DAOs.

1-14.05 - It will take us 2 weeks to shoot and edit the whole collection including exercises.
15.05 - start to prepare for the presentation-exhibition.
Bounty on forum to call drum-musicians to participate in exhibition
15.05-20.05 - minting all NFTs, collections and galleries
20.05-24.05 - send invitations to the metaverse exhibition-drum fest, promotion
26.05 - exhibition-fest
27.05 - NFT-airdrop to attendants with NFT-collection of exercises
29.05 - preparation of report

Funding details:

  • shooting + editing of 44 short videos - 500 usd
  • authors work on creation lessons - 200 usd
  • minting to Mintbase, 3XR, vault.varda.vision; nft-airdrops - 150 usd
  • metaverse event moderation, promotion - 150 usd

Total : 1000 usd

Links to social media:
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Great proposal :+1: I really like your Cajons !

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Thank you for you words!)