[PROPOSAL] NEARNauts & BeatDAO - Anthem Hunt

What’s up y’all!

NEAR NFTs have already started their expansion, we are at the beginning of something beautiful, as more and more utilities and cool tools are coming. It’s amazing times to build, stay active and contribute to the ecosystem!

I won’t lie, that I’m NEARNauts fan… I’m also fan of music, especially in terms of its production, therefore I’d like to propose collaboration between BeatDAO and NEARNauts - Anthem Hunt!

First of all, let’s dive into the rules of the Anthem Hunt! :arrow_heading_down:

:vertical_traffic_light:RULES OF ANTHEM HUNT:vertical_traffic_light:

  1. Anthem can be made only by one music producer and one vocalist,

  2. NO SAMPLES ALLOWED (however, when you want to sample make sure that Shazam type apps won’t recognize the source sound - if sample will be recognized, your submission will be invalid!),

  3. Anthem should include topics around NEARNauts, BeatDAO, NEAR and NFTs (songs with other topics will be ignored). If anthem is in different language than English, make sure to include lyrics, as we’re going to check if you have touched mentioned topics,

  4. Winner Anthem will be minted as 1/1 Music NFT with fair splits of 20%(NEARNauts, BeatDAO, Graphic artist, vocalist, music producer - 5 in total),

  5. Prizes:
    a) 1st place: 2 Nauts (one for vocalist and second for producer),
    b) 2nd place: $400 ($200 for vocalist and $200 for producer),
    c) 3rd place $200 ($100 for vocalist and $100 for producer).

  6. Submissions can be done only by NxM, BeatDAO and DJ DAO community members.

:white_check_mark: WHAT NEARNAUTS IS GOING TO COVER :white_check_mark:

  1. Two NAUTS, as a main prize for two artists,

  2. Community voting poll for the best Anthem in NEARNauts Discord,

  3. Twitter announcements.

:white_check_mark: WHAT BEATDAO IS GOING TO COVER :white_check_mark:

  1. Second and third prize,

  2. Minting of the best anthem (via DAOrecords/@vandal),

  3. Bounty creation for the main artwork to minting using 2 Nauts and BeatDAO theme,

  4. Management; collecting all submitted anthems via google form / creation a compilation to listen on NxM YouTube.

:timer_clock: Timelines :timer_clock:

a) for submissions - 7th of FEB to 25th of FEB,

b) community voting on Discord - end of the February,

c) minting winner anthem - beginning of the March.

:money_with_wings: Requested funds :money_with_wings:

Second and third prize - $600.

Please be aware, that some dates may change.

Stay Creative,
BeatDAO Councils


Really loving the progress and movement coming from BeatDAO!


This is superrrr dope! and another One!

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Can you create in any language?

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Good question, haven’t thought about that!

Yes you can, however please attach lyrics to your anthem, for checking if it follows the rules! I’ll include that information in submission form.

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Project is DOPE!
this project really builds creativity and makes our community stronger. you are great bro!