[Proposal] NearFox March 2023




DAO introduction
The NearFox platform is not just a website, it is a whole ecosystem that will be filled with different features both for ordinary holders, NFT collectors, those who are interested in passive income, and mainly for young artists who want to enter the NFT sphere, create own project, understand how the NFT system works for NEAR, as well as help at every stage of our artist’s promotion.

Art and culture are part of our life and characterize the society in which we live, it is important to support them and those who work and are interested in this area. Today in fact many people are still facing the challenge of living with the incomes of artistic works.

NearFox was born from the desire to share and disseminate culture and to support the exchange of art through a token that will be given to everyone who is part of the collective.

Why team is best for the funds?

Konstantin - manager, project leader. Higher education in the specialty: Economics. Previously, he worked as a manager at the petrochemical company SIBUR. He is a crypto enthusiast and has a lot of knowledge in the field of blockchain.

Luda, a young artist who graduated from an art university, decided to try herself in the field of NFT. Completely NearFox collection, consisting of 444 foxes, is hand-drawn by her. At the moment, we want to raise money to create a platform and are also looking for a programmer who will be ready to take on this business.

Achievement information about the DAO

Full sale “NearFox Gen1” collection on Paras NearFox - Paras


We want to spend up to 25% of the funds received on charity. We have already launched our joint comic for the protection of animals (steppe foxes) together with Paras. Proceeds from the sale were donated to WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Let’s make this world a better place to live. NEARFOX COMIC - Paras Comic

All Foxes from “NearFox Gen1” Collection already drawn in 3d and waiting for their chance to airdrop.
https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/124509134/216836392-f3563865-5a04-4fff-a0b6-fb6ae8acbaa2.png https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/124509134/216836395-f2c6995a-e2b1-46ff-ab3e-eb5eb5fb4f7b.png

A joint comic series was drawn for the MetaMorphoses metaverse (Well-known as AMBER metaverse). This series is compiled by 5 authors.

NEARFOX encyclopedia&TRANSF​:red_circle:RM guild was created. This is a collection of the most important people in the Near industry. These NearFox are special foxes. Foxes were created and bought by the following people: Illia Polosukhin (Illia Polosukhin. NEARFOX enciclopedia NEAR. TRANSF🔴RM - Paras Publication - Paras), Alex Skidanov (Alex Skidanov. NEARFOX enciclopedia NEAR. TRANSF🔴RM - Paras Publication - Paras), Alex Shevchenko, Evgeny Kuzyakov, Sasha Hudzilin, Vlad Grichina etc.

1st Grant by Near Foundation Team 2022

  1. NearFox links
    “NearFox Gen1” Collection (NearFox - Paras)
    NearFox charity comics&Paras (NEARFOX COMIC - Paras Comic)
    NearFox comics&Metamorphoses (MetaMorphoses - Paras)
    Twitter (twitter.com/Luda_nft)
    New WhitePaper (Introduction NearFox - NearFox Whitepaper)

  2. 444 minted NFT on Paras («NearFox Gen1»)
    1400+ followers in Twitter
    640 Total owners of NFTs

Genre – Art/ Educational platform


We see interest in NFTs growing every year. New participants, new projects and new ideas appear on the market every day.

We are ready to provide the first NFT learning platform on the Near blockchain. We are ready to fully support young artists. From learning how to work with the NEAR wallet, with marketplaces, with interaction with the community, to the complete transfer of physical work to NFT, the creation of new unique NFT, support for authors in promotion, collaborations, recognition in the vastness of our blockchain.

We will conduct a thorough anti-plagiarism check of art, communicate personally with each of our artists, setting them on the right path.
In the future, we will also create an artists’ stand with their already released collections and works, achievements and skills, as well as our assessment from the NearFox project. Any projects will be able to find an NFT artist, to agree on cooperation. We will fully encourage our guys to either develop their projects or be invited to projects that have long existed on the Near platform.

The most active artists will have the opportunity to collaborate not only with NearFox, but also with other market participants. Launching collaborations with both aspiring artists and well-known NFT creators will help the community develop.
Helping young artists is very important now. Now there are very few artists who really draw with high quality and know the NFT sphere, who understands blockchains. Firstly, it will attract new names to the Near ecosystem, and we also plan to hold offline events, meetings with artists who paint on canvas, explain to them the value and purpose of NFT.

• Roadmap


DAO’s Milestones for proposal

Milestone 1 - NearFox platform
Estimated duration: 3 months
FTE: 3
Costs: 2,800 USD

  1. NearFox platform: A - We will create a platform. It will be possible to come in, see information about the project, roadmap, partners, characteristics of the NearFox collection.
  2. NearFox platform: B - We create the ability to connect a wallet to the site, view a profile with your NFTs, their rarity. Creating a swap to exchange 2D NearFox for 3D NearFox. Creation of a marketplace for 3D foxes.
  3. NearFox platform: С - Launching the merch and preparing the platform for the implementation of training. Creation of an additional page with video tutorials (based on a real example of the formation of NearFox NFT, tests, feedback on discord, full help from young artists)
  4. New partnerships, promotion - New partnerships to help develop young artists and continue their activities in projects on Near. Support for new nft projects launched by young artists (creating a launchpad, brand promotion and assistance)

Budget: 2,800 USD (1500$ to hire a front-end Developer (dimoon.near); Video tutorials (editing included)(mashka.near) – 1000$; Promotion (luda.near)– 300$)

• What is the DAO’s objective or goals?
The NearFox learning platform for young artists will be developed by our team along with a collaboration of other popular collections on the NEAR blockchain.
This platform will include educational video tutorials, tests and practical tasks right on our platform!
An emulator of a real NFT marketplace will be made, where the artist will be able to create a test collection and put NFT up for sale. Blockchain users will be able to purchase these works for NFOX tokens, thereby supporting the artists.
Based on the results of the training, artists can, together with our support, launch either their own project. We will also help promote the artist in ready-made NFT projects on the NEAR blockchain.
Artists will also receive a personal certificate of professional development, located in the blockchain.

• Roadmap to reach the goal
NearFox platform: A – Late March
NearFox platform: B – Early April
NearFox platform: C – Late April/Early May
New partnerships, promotion - May
Total – 3 months

• How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

  1. Offline events Launching offline events and meetings around the world to attract new artists to the Near blockchain (with the possibility of FREE training on the platform)
  2. NFOX token TGE token, its application in the NearFox ecosystem: launch of staking (NFT and tokens), rewards for young artists for completing training, and other functions

• What will the community or the team members’ role be?

Owners of “NearFox Gen2” will have a 100% opportunity to receive WL in the projects of our graduates.
Free ticket to offline events around the world.
NFT staking and passive income in $NFOX tokens
Obtaining the role of test users for our development

Total request number: 2800$ in $NEAR tokens
DAO on-chain address (target wallet): nearfox.sputnik-dao.near


Hey @NearFox, could you please provide your DAO address? Thanks!


I have changed the address. Thank you!

  1. Could you please share your last NF grant report(milestones, transactions) October 2021.

  2. Could you please give an answer on Discord to your community regarding this?




  1. I am looking forward to seeing your video


Attn to @creativesdao-council
Cc: @Samtoshi_F_Baby



Yes, of course, we had a problem, Dmitry and I trusted a programmer who was our friend, and he had almost all the information about the project and so on. He took advantage of this and temporarily deprived us of access to social networks and accounts. As a result, he was able to put up for sale some art objects with joint artists, as well as withdraw funds (but not all).

At the moment, access to all accounts has been restored, 2FA is installed everywhere, no one except me has direct access to classified information (Even Dmitry).

We have already responded to these messages in the discord, you can make sure.

The arts that were put up for sale by this person have already been removed from sale (fortunately no one bought them). We don’t want to deceive our fans. We rethought the next steps of the project and decided to develop it further. That is why we are asking for a grant for development.

We will provide a situation report shortly.

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Ok, thanks. Please answer here:

Also, the Aurora team got your grant proposal two weeks ago that you want to build on Aurora. What is the reason for applying for a Creative DAO grant?


As you have already understood from the conversation with me, we did not have time to spend the entire amount received from the grant. Most of this amount was paid in $ to the “programmer”, who later stole the main savings (the funds were withdrawn to the stock exchange and then cashed out). However, there are still parts for which there were expenses from that grant: 1) Paying a 3d designer to model foxes in 3d ($2000) 2) Creating a layout of the platform with a design ($200). 3) Payment for the community manager (Dima) ($250). 4) Purchase of NFTs from the Paras marketplace to stimulate young artists ($100).

I promise that henceforth all funds will be kept under reliable protection at the DAO. More such mistakes will not be repeated!

That’s right, I plan to build my platform on Aurora (in this way we can both attract new artists and easily interact with established artists from other blockchains, attracting them to the NEAR ecosystem). However, now Aurora has closed grant support for projects, which is why I turn to the Creatives DAO for funding. My project is aimed at attracting new artists to the whole NEAR ecosystem and increasing its recognition and popularity.

Returning to your first message, I want to repeat again that communication with the community has been restored, joint works that were posted without the permission of the co-authors have been deleted (including posts about these works). In honor of confirming the authenticity and safety of all accounts, as well as for the community’s belief in the purity of the project, we posted a video with a face on Twitter for the first time, greeting the community (twitter.com/luda_nft/status/1632487113068548096?s=46&t=nrPaYuiDdEq8cJxkOYKMXg)

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Good morning! I see only withdraws on your wallet 53287f8ab0acd0242cb805cc36a8ba958ac4b654ded1f2fffafbadb5f685f62d


It was an address on the exchange of our project, through which we cashed out and everyone had full access to the account, but it was created (and the idea of ​​creating it) was our friend (“programmer”). We trusted him, since he was with us from the very beginning of the project and also gave a lot of ideas. Even before the grant was received, the tokens received from the sale of our first collection were withdrawn to this wallet, and then it was withdrawn either to the card, and then sent to everyone, or spent on cryptodollar needs.

I had confirmation by mail on my account and when it came to building the platform, he had access to this mail, as a result of which he was able to use the withdrawal of tokens to the exchange address (which also belonged to him) (I also had access to it, but it was the phone is tied - it was his, he changed the data at the moment).

Now I will protect all the data as much as possible. All money will go through the DAO, for security reasons, no future transaction will go through my wallet (luda.near). It is also ready to provide transparent reports on each movement of funds.

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@Cryptonaut @Paul @williamx @kc_sollano hi! May you help me. Today is the last day, tell me, will my application for a grant be considered? I answered all the questions and gave a vision of the future of the project.

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