[March] NEAR Es - Wiki project: join as a content creator: candidates are found

Hi Nearians,

We collaborate with NEAR Venezuela on the creation of NEAR Wiki for Hispanic users.

The main goals are:

  • Translate content from NEAR Wiki content into Spanish
  • Create content about development and users that we know is necessary, eg. a path for starter devs explaining: How do we create on NEAR?, Why we do it this way?, etc… and for the users, eg.
  • The tools and existing dApps in the NEAR ecosystem are well documented.
  • Integration of the development content into the NEAR ES-Wiki (information, tools for UD and developers)
  • Create an easy to navigate e-encyclopedia in NEAR Latino Gitbook
  • Onboarding new users through a website with the most common NEAR questions

We are inviting talented Hispanic contributors to collaborate with the development of this encyclopedia encouraging any feedback so we can improve our ES - Wiki in content and structure.

Reward: 20 USD for every 500 words and 15 USD for every 500 words of translation

Fill in the application form to apply Project Application Form


I’m interested. Please, let me know which are the following steps in order to fullfill the requierements

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Hello @AnaNastya
All the best. I am also very excited about this project. It is worth trying, I have applied to the form to participate in the project. It would be great to have the opportunity to contribute to the goals of this project and to NEAR, as a content creator.

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Hi, thank you for your application. The candidates were found already. However, your experience is very impressive, I will share with you next projects for content creators.