[Proposal] NEAR Scout CAMP | EWEKORO Province 2 June

Scout CAMPING Is an event where Scouts in a Troop meets to perform different creative activities, it always last 3 days and more.

In our camping this month, different level of creative activities will be going on, which will be giving us chance to onboard about 40 creative scouters

Sponsoring 20 Attendee’s camping fee which is $60 each
this includes:

  • 3 days training for all attendants
  • Meal for 3 days
  • Camp Certificate
  • & Transport

sub total: 1,200 for 20 Scout members.

Rent of Projector and screen to educate scouters about the NEAR blockchain at night (3days) $120

Rent of Generator for power supply at the camp when its education time, $200
Camp activities covering/recording with rented camera $200 will be minted as NFT
Invitation of state commissioner of scout to the event 150

total request: 1,870

Other than the Scout activities such as

  • Manhunt
  • Patrol Sports Tournaments
  • Scout-led Merit Badge Clinics
  • Capture The Flag
  • Scouting Skill Relay Races
  • Camp Fire
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt Adventure.
  • Cloud Hunt Adventure.
  • Charades.

that will be going on,

NEAR web3 education which is new to the Scout movement will be going for the whole 3 days,
tho, not new to our existing members, but we host every monthly camp with set of people, and this show definitely be our send camping sponsored by NEAR,

Camp fire will be used to form NEAR LOGO During the night

This time, we are inviting 10 elders with the to join us in the Liberating camping.