[APPROVED] AfroStar Scout Camping January support and February proposal

In January, we took the step of bringing scouting movement first time on the Near blockchain by sponsoring 15 scout members camping in Abeokuta, we did it successfully and the event made us realise the scouting movement has a large whole of Potential and activies, which we be quite impactful to the society physically and digitally, Im super glad the I personally discovered this, this is a wide sensitive area that needs more bigger attention, and the result will turn out to be crazy.
With experience with @sterryo putting me through the journey on the near blockchain the scouting movement wont be bad to be a dao/guild on its own because of the level of support they will need to raise the banner again.

For Example, the last camping showed how many Scout aspirants dose not have and afford to get a scout uniform,

Apart from paying for scout fees, we want to start hosting NEAR camporee, jamboree, which will collaborate between various scout organisations across the states and which will require the scouting movement to be a guild on its own. this is gonna be hot…
here are the images from the last camping in AFRICAN GRAMMAR SCHOOL, which the rest of the content will be minted as NFT by @sterryo on AFROSTAR Store on Mintbase. Love, peace and light. Scout WEE!

That is me right at the center, with the scouters that has uniform

I could only take pictures with the scouts that has uniform, its a common problem for the scouts to be unable to afford the uniform, until we have Scout Movement as a dao, we can only request for a specific amount of fund to get uniform for some of the members.

Uniform for 10 scouts $50 each

mobility $100





wow, @Scouterayo you are doing an amazing job! i so much appreciate this energy.
yes, i understand your point of view… concerning making the scout movement a dao under afrostar, we should be considering that maybe towards march, weldone.
you can edit this post and go ahead requesting for funding on your next scouting project as for february :slightly_smiling_face: thank you


okay, thank you sterryo

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scout. weeh! lol Afrostar!

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