[CLOSED] NEAR Scout DAO Project august 2022

Hi nearians, good to see you again, We didnt propose for any activities in july at all, cos our project extended from june to mid july cosof some delay.
Project Name : Scout DAO

Project Status : [ in progress ]

DAO Adress: scout.sputnik-dao.near

[Previous Report]

Project Council

Target: scout.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount:
Projects & Timelines:



Proposing for a big flex to print big NEAR Logo, near wallet website and the camping information.
Counil work $800


over 30 New Scouters onboard
NEAR web3 education
Invitation of State Commissioner of scout, and onboarding him
Onboarded the 10 elders joining us
all creatives activities of the event, mint as NFT (can be up to 50)
Production and minting of 4 scout yarn
Onboarding new members in scout yarn creative process



Based on the guidelines one person can be a council member in 2 DAOs max.

@sterryo you have access to both wallets: iamsterryo.near and sterryo.near, and these wallets are set as the council in Scout DAO, AfroStrat, and Familly DAO.

This proposal doesn’t follow the Creatives DAO guidelines.

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Also, there’s no report for July.

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Hi Paul, @Scouterayo is the founder of scout dao,

Im just like an adviser on the DAO,

There was a mistake in @Scouterayo adding my wallet, sterryo.near

I no longer use it since February
, cos It was compromised by hackers.

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and hi @Scouterayo now that you have 3 councils already, id like to step down as a council memebr, thank you

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all i have on afrostar dao & family dao is iamsterryo.near

maybe its sterryo.near on scoutdao but that tells its been long i was really active here, @Paul

hi, thank you so much, for all your convey and advises, we appreciate from start to now, and we believe scout dao can continue from here.

thank you.

we will also remove ur old compromised wallet from the astro dao. salute @sterryo


thank you sterryo. for what you’ve done.

hey @paul, our june activites took us almost two months

do we write a report? when we didn’t request for any fund in july?

weve also removed sterryo, as announced here now. thank you

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Hi Scout DAO, thank you for the proposal.

In my opinion, your proposals contain very little information for me to support. Since I can find only activities you want to organize & the budget for them, there’s no information expressed the value they add to the ecosystem or the rationale behind them. Besides, the activities don’t encourage the use of any web3 tools.

Unfortunately, I can’t support your proposal!


Hello, team!

Your Creatives Moderators cannot support this proposal due to the following reasons:

  • The proposal isn’t organized
  • Lacks of reporting from the month of July
  • Added value to the overall ecosystem and Creatives DAO aren’t visible nor expressed in addition to the comments made by other moderators above

We hope that the team take this as learning opportunity and we’ll be looking forward seeing
the NEAR Scout DAO next month.