[Proposal] NEAR representative at the 2022 European Blockchain Conference in Barcelona

Great work, I support this

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Hmm, that’s a fair point. However, I think we on the @ConciergeTeam are very familiar with the values of Near Protocol and know what the dos and don’ts are.

That’s true, which is why I think it’s important that unless the person is directly from the Near Foundation, they have to have a) years of experience in business development and b) have built a reputation in the community, because trust I think is the key point here.

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It’s an honor to work with you, bro! :pray:

True, and addressed above.

Interesting. They offered me the same price when I first visited the page 4 weeks ago. I just cleared my cache and reopened the page. It shows me now the same discounted price. :open_mouth:



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Where was the campaign? :astonished:

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and yeah this is even better :smile: just switch language to Turkish and price goes down to as low as 390 for VIP.


Hey @mecsbecs, Thank you for approving this proposal. I just send you a DM on Telegram regarding the invoice and business card. Looking forward to your feedback. Thx :pray:

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Yes, report will be shared here and I will also document via Instagram Stories here: Kemals Instagram

Since it took a little longer with the processing and the prices had increased accordingly, @mecsbecs and I have decided that I first go to one event, so that the costs remain within the budget.

The European Blockchain Convention is coming up soon and by now there is also an agenda online. I have marked the most important panels that I find very interesting.


Hey Near Community,

Last week I came back from the European Blockchain Convention. Unfortunately, I caught Corona and was sick, so my report is a bit late.

Namely, I was at the European Blockchain Convention from 26-28 June.

The first evening was purely for getting to know each other and was only for VIP guests.

The 27th and 28th, on the other hand, were filled with talks on various topics such as Legal, CBDCs, NFTs, Self-Sovereign Identity, and much more. I will share my insights on the Talks below.

I made a total of 54 new contacts in the 2.5 days from a variety of industries, some of whom are considering partnering with NEAR.

QPQ is a layer 0 blockchain solution that allows you to enjoy the best features, services and opportunities of every networked protocol.

Satoshi Club
Satoshi Club is one of the largest crypto communities, with over 105k active members on Telegram alone. SC has agreed to cooperate with NEAR in exchange for media presence.

Satoshi.Art is an NFT marketplace that aims to differentiate itself from other marketplaces by partnering with Influencers who in turn educate their users about NFT through educational content, thus building a better connection instead of just selling.

AhoyConnect is a marketing tool with which you can bundle all data of a community member across all platforms. We from the ConciergeTeam could use such a tool, because we want to reward the most active members with airdrops or future incentives and it is possible with this tool. I have asked if it is possible to take the activity of the NEAR Wallet into the valuation of the user and it will be seen if that is possible. :slight_smile:

Betopia is a betting platform that combines the traditional betting industry with blockchain technology. It is the blockchain betting dream world for Esports, international sports and virtual casinos. Currently, the platform is still in development and the launch has been pushed back a bit due to poor market conditions, but I had an appointment today with Tanja and Max who are very confident to launch around Q4 and have great interest to develop on NEAR.

Farm.xyz is a farm aggregator where users have the ability to yield farm from pools of different providers and blockchains. They are currently looking for funding to launch the platform later this year.

Generally speaking, the event was a success. I made many new contacts and with some of them, I would even like to deepen the relationship.

If you have any questions, feel free to write me. :muscle:

I’m looking forward to the next event and thanks for the support! :pray:

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09:15 Institutional Welcome

  • Barcelona 4th biggest crypto Hub in Europe
  • More than 2,000 startups are in Barcelona
  • Second most attractive city for founders
  • Digital industry makes up 30% of the GDP in Barcelona
  • 30bn in revenue was generated by Startups last year
  • Barcelona is building a token-based loyalty program
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09:25 How to navigate the legal landscape in digital assets

  • We need an insurance like in TradFi, where your funds are safe under the law until 100k
  • Why is Lichtenstein a good place for crypto Startups?
    ○ Lichtenstein ACT
    ○ Comprehensive legislation
    ○ The secondary market for community token
  • There are about 50,000 Blockchain patents
  • There is also a patent risk problem with open source software
  • Open Source
    ○ Copyright from the community of creators
    ○ Open Source doesn’t mean that you don’t have to care about copyright
  • FATF
    ○ About 300 companies in the network
    ○ Travel Rule regulations will come
    ○ EOY 2023 most exchanges will go live with the Travel Rule
    ○ Travel Rule is not a crypto-specific legislation

10:15 The Metaverse: a $1 trillion revenue opportunity

  • Wallet becomes your identity
  • In the physical world, money is abstract
  • All human activity will be in the Metaverse

10:45 Stablecoin, stability and CBDCs

  • Currently all money supply has a 40 trillion marketcap (Without invested money included)
  • What is a stablecoin?
    ○ Aimed to peg to the $USD
    ○ Fiat backed USDC/USDT
    ○ Crypto-backed $DAI
    ○ Overcolletarelized
    ○ Algorithmic stablecoin
    + Modify supply as demand
    + Easily can lose the peg
  • Stablecoin mcap around $150 billion
  • 90% of Central Banks are working on a Stablecoin
  • 3 CBDC are already live
  • In 5 years
    ○ Regulation is key
    ○ Hybrid Stablecoins
  • CBDC and Stablecoins will coexist
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14:20 Crypto is finding its way into traditional multi-asset portfolios

  • Inflation is a problem but also a catalyst for crypto
  • Bitcoin is an inflation hedge
  • With crypto for the first time, we have true price discovery bc the market works 24/7
  • Don’t try to buy market bottoms or sell tops

14:55 Building DeFi Protocols & DAOs

  • Most DAOs are not autonomous, actually there is no real DAO today
  • Community is KEY
  • True decentralization is not possible, because people will always look for leadership
  • Decentralization means trustless and trustlessness?
  • Security is KEY
  • Risk: People and on the product side
  • Crypto is about people
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15:40 NFT: The next Generation tool for content creators

  • Community > Play > Monetize
  • How to start to build a community?
    ○ First you need a market
  • Membership is KEY

16:20 Moving from Web2 to Web3

  • Changing from content creation to value creation
  • Evolution from physical to digital
  • Web1-3
    ○ Web1 Monetize Traffic
    ○ Web2 Monetize Traffic, Data
    ○ Web3 Monetize Everyone and Everything
  • Everything that can will be tokenized in the future
  • Wallet will be the key identifier
  • Data is the new oil but now everyone will be able to make profit
  • Winners → Bridges
  • Only 0.15% illicit money activity in crypto

12:00 What’s next for Play-to-Earn

  • There are only 3 mn P2E players worldwide
  • The main problem is the ecosystem that doesn’t exist at the moment like it does in the traditional gaming sector
  • There are more people with crypto wallets than credit cards in the Philippines
  • Asian market will lead the growth in P2E
  • Incentives are very important
  • People will make a lot of money with the NFTs
  • Younger generation will have a wallet before they will have a bank account
  • Value of the community is key to build a successful and valuable game
  • Still need 2-5 years to get the technology properly for games
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09:15 Volatility vs. Stability: Indexes in Crypto

  • How do you guys see the volatility in the market?
    ○ Existing funds love the volatility, they are actually doing good
    ○ There will be more structured products which will bring adoption, which will lead to stable volatility
    ○ Volatility creates opportunities but it also creates risks
  • Would I still be able to have my assets in safe custody
    ○ MPC is the safest way to cold storage assets
    ○ Multi-Layer security
    ○ Compliance
  • Why we need an index when the market is already following Bitcoin?
    ○ The way they follow now is because Bitcoins is the evolution, and everything else follows
    ○ You will see more sector-based indexes

09:55 A new Era for financial Services

  • Without lending and borrowing nothing will go far
    ○ We have to learn to handle the risks
  • Long-term APY will go down
  • Cryptocurrencies have to become interoperable
  • Real-time settlement doesn’t prove trust in the market
  • Especially in times of crisis the instant settlement will be KEY
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