[proposal] near on/off ramp solution worldwide

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I want to introduce our project to the NEAR community.


Value Proposition

  1. Improve ecosystem support by adding ON/OFF RAMP SOLUTION for more than 135 countries
  2. Improve ecosystem support by adding Payout service (pay more than 130 Services with NEAR token)
  3. Marketing and PR services to boost NEAR community, social media and conversion in terms of new users for the period of 6 weeks.
    (With the possibility of renewing the services if needed).
  • What is the purpose?

Bring financial and web freedom to the world. We can use NEAR token to process payments, send remittance and pay utilities directly from the webApp

  • What is RampMe

As of 2020 less than 48% of Mexico and Latin America population is banked, that is the main reason and the Why! We decided to create RampMe.

We believe that financial access and control is a fundamental right.

Due to the bureaucratic and tedious process of the current financial institutions a financial market, with possibilities to saving, credits and loans is not open to all sectors of society .

Ramp Me, integrates different payment services and financial solutions in one single app, this give us the power to reach even the most isolated populations.

It allows any person without the need to visit a physical branch, to create a bank account number, send remittance and pay more than 130 services (including utilities, taxes and gift cards) in a simple, fast and reliable way, all that in less than 5 minutes and directly form our app.

On the legal side we have manage to acquire License in Europe, Mexico and LatAm that allows us to make the whole process seamlessly.

Our mission is to bring financial opportunities and freedom to the whole population of Latin America, empowering the emerging markets and allowing the population to be in total control of their finances and expenses, while having a friendly and smooth experience.


Luis A Ploennig


Growth director at Indacoin. Previous experience in different cryptoexchanges.

6 years of expertise in crypto. Proven background in sales, marketing analysis, production & demand planning.

Marketing team:

Cryptocurrency industry professional with strong focus on adoption, marketing and digital strategies with over 3 years of experience in the blockchain space. International speaker of Bitcoin and crypto. Event organiser and community builder with a global network of industry professionals.

Dev Team:

Ex-employees of top 5 Russian banks, developers of startups with funding from VCs such as 500 Startups.

Work with Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, Phantom, Avalanche, Stellar, Minter, Matic, Solana, BitShares.

Consortium blockchains such as Hyperledger, Quorum. Experience integrating IPFS. Tendermint and BFT protocols R&D.

Hosting POS, DPOS blockchain nodes.

More than 50 web apps and 20 mobile apps were developed.

Most of the projects are international

Crypto Processings, exchanges, wallets, gaming platforms, Streaming platform, DeFi, Dapps, custom integrations.

Ability to work in stressful situations. 80% of the projects were done from scratch in crazy deadlines, without clear technical specifications.

Technology stack: Node.js, JS, TypeScript, React, ReactNative, Vue, Next, Nuxt, Swift, Kotlin, Solidity, Laravel, MongoDB, SQl, PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, Apache, GCP, AWS, Docker, HTML, CSS, SASS/LESS, Figma, GitHub.

3 years blockchain development experience:

JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Webpack, Express, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Git, Nginx, Docker, OOP, Vue, Vuex, Nuxt

Skills: Web3.js, Solidity, Geth, Parity, DeFi

6 succesful defi projects.


Start of the program :

Milestone 1: NEAR implementation

(Date - 01/09/2022)

  • Complete flow and technical to On/off ramp NEAR on backend

  • Test backend API for NEAR payout service.

  • Start building UI/UX for offramp/ payout.

  • Prepare Marketing and PR campaign.

  • Backend code audit and security test. (provided by Hacken)

Milestone 2: Launch of NEAR offramp/ payout service

(Date - 18/09/2022)

  • Complete UI/UX and front end

  • Launch NEAR offramp/ payout service

  • Launch Marketing and PR campaign

  • Start equity raise

  • Plan Organic user acquisition campaign.

Milestone 3: Partnerships and Integrations NEAR Ecosystem

(Date - 18/09/2022)

  • Create partnership(s) and integration(s) with NEAR dApps.

  • Launch Near workshop and organic growth for user acquisition.

  • Tier 1 media article release

  • Launch twitter and Youtube campaign.


  1. Website domain, hosting and design

500 NEAR will cover the cost of domain, a year worth of hosting and design of the website. The landing site will be an entry onramp to get NEAR in more than 130 countries in less than 5 min.

  1. Development

3750 NEAR will be used to pay our developers and integrate NEAR to our platform, this will allow anyone to swap, buy and sell NEAR.

  1. Payout Services API Gateway

4000 NEAR will be used to pay operational and Dev costs for opening bridge to pay 130 Services in Mexico directly from the WebApp with NEAR token

  1. Graphics

40 NEAR for a graphic designer for the month. They will create a few graphics a week for RampMe socials and websites.

  1. Marketing, PR and Growth Hacking

2000 NEAR

Marketing and PR services to boost NEAR community, social media and conversion in terms of new users for the period of 8 weeks.

Total payout: 10,290 NEAR

Thank you for your time, I will be really happy to answer any of your questions or doubts.

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Who are you making this proposal to?

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Hi David, thank you for the reply!

I am doing it to NEAR governance, here is a video of the mvp how it works on BTC network.

If you would like more info I am available for a video call.


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Funding of that size wouldn’t be available through the forum, definitely see what the grants team may be able to do - NEAR Foundation Grants

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Thank you for your help, I have submitted the form in the Foundation Grants page. Do you have a contact from the Foundation side that I can get in touch with?

Thank you