[Proposal to House of Merit, approved, milestone 1 paid, milestone 2 paid, milestone 3 paid ] Comprehensive development of the NEAR ecosystem through the HOT Wallet user base


Utilize HOT Wallet resources to develop the NEAR ecosystem.

Milestone 1


  • Add an open sdk to allow NEAR NFT mint inside telegram bots
  • Promote a secondary market for NFTs in the Telegram wallet
  • Onboard 3+ Independent NFT project to make bots or applications for NFT Mint inside Telegram

50,000 NFTs sold on NEAR Protocol
200,000 new NFT holders

Grant size: 75k

Milestone 2

Development of firedrops (analogous to TON checks) on top of NEAR. These are drops that will be used in chats to check activity. The goal is to introduce a large utility for NEAR tokens within the Telegram community.

1000 chats in which a bot is connected for community prizes on top of nair
10k people who got NEAR/USDT/HOT for their chats on top of our dropshot
50l firedrops received

Grant size: 75k

Milestone 3

Develop Mem Staking - application, contract and sdk so that memcoins can start staking for users inside HOT Wallet.

Memcoins pledge liquidity and each block user can withdraw %, subject to lock in for 10, 30, 60, 90 days. This is a very important tool to extend the activity in memcoins, we will also launch it for UWON and USmeme.

25k+ users start stake Memcoins on NEAR

Grant size: 50k


Hi Peter,

Thanks for your proposal!

Would you be able to clarify how the proposed KPIs work? Are the funds to be distributed when the KPIs are met or the funds provided upfront and then benchmarked against the proposed KPIs?

Milestone 3
NDC Vote
Provide marketing support for the NDC Vote bot. Provide SDK to connect NDC Vote to Telegram Wallet.
KPI (if launched before May 1):
100k+ registrations
5000+ active users with NEAR balance
KPI (if launched after May 1):
25k+ registrations
1500+ active users with NEAR balance

Would you be able to expand on the NDC related metric? In particular, I’m interested to understand how it would work given the current proposed new framework.

  • New framework sets a minimum threshold of staked NEAR to participate, snapshot from December 2023
  • What is the value of 25,000-100,000 accounts ‘registering’ with the NDC vote if they are not going to be able to participate? As I understand it, 100% of the .tg wallets are not eligible for voting as they were all created after snapshot period.
  • Assuming that the new framework somehow allowed for .tg wallets to participate, do you have any ranges of how much NEAR the ‘users with NEAR balance’ would have? For reference, the current threshold for staking is ~1000 NEAR.
  • Finally, if for whatever reason, the NDC were to be shut down or new elections not taken place, is the team able to return the funds allocated for this ?
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Milestone #1 did a lot of work to promote NFT at NEAR through HOT Wallet resources.

  1. Added the ability to view / send NFTs in HOT Wallet
  2. Created sdk to allow projects to work within the telegram wallet
  3. Implemented partnership with Mitte, their marketplace is integrated by default trade option in HOT Wallet.
  4. More than 440,000 transactions went through Mitte with HOT in April.
  5. Developed HOT Mint mini-application to run NFT collections within HOT Wallet. Launched Double Dog (Floor ~7 NEAR, 10k NFTs sold) and US Men (Floor ~1 NEAR, 50,000 NFTs sold) collections

Total 90,000 NFT owners engaged, Mitte became the top-6 NFT marketplace by number of buyers and surpassed Blur.

    1. Artgene


  1. DoubleDog NFT
    https://x.com/Mo_DeFi/status/1780602503714808190 (старая инфа, уже намного больше всего)

  2. USMen NFT
    https://x.com/Mo_DeFi/status/1782901833263931709 (старая инфа, уже намного больше всего)

Some public stat:

Next on HOT Mint
Humance NFT - Humance
OGC Community NFT - https://ogcom.xyz/

More activities and projects to come. At the current rate of grow we will reach 200k+ holders within a month.

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Milestone #2 did a lot of work to promote firedrops over NEAR on Telegram.

Created a tool to create firedrop tokens on NEAR and HOT. and a smart contract to send drops to new accounts.

This is a tool where users can send NEAR via a link for subscribing to their channels.

  • Created HOT DROP channel in Telegram - 400k subscribers, ~200k views per post
  • Conducted 36 firedrops from large Telegram channels on the topic of cryptocurrencies (10k+ subscribers on each channel).
  • 370k uniq users received firedrop over HOT Wallet
  • 680k firedrop received total
  • Telegram bot @hotwalletbot added to 2390 chats


More activities and projects to come. At the current rate of grow we will reach 200k+ holders within a month.