[introduction] Me importa Mexico

Hi Near community, i want to present or project Me importa Mexico.

It is a link platform between projects, products and consumers.
Connecting and providing tools to sell, support and distribute producers of Mexican people. Allowing traceability of the distribution chain, such as fair prices paid to the producers and achieving that more and more people also lear to access the technology on a day to day basis.

We want to build a dApp that can be used for purchasing this products, and using the technology, from augmented reality, staking rewards, funding give back tokens for the different participations, airdrops. integrating the entire chain into a more collaborative and decentralised systems.


Hello, You can connect with Project Ops from Concierge team for better support to launch your project on NEAR Blockchain, Feel free to DM any of them @Kemal @FritzWorm @HaiVu @LarryLang


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Thanks @rahulgoel007 i will DM them to see how we can start building and if may be there is already something that could be used to start developing what we had in mind. @Cryptocoatl invited me to the Near certified analyst that Near Hispano was hosting and found the technology pretty interesting and aligned with the project that we are envisioning .


@rahulgoel007 I tried to send them a DM but i don’t find the option. if you would like to help us with this project we will be really grateful !

and it doesn’t allows me to tagg more than 2 people @FritzWorm @Kemal

i guess is because i have an account as a new user. @HaiVu @LarryLang

Hello, do you have a roadmap, UX/UI design, team?

Fritz is here to assist you from Project ops.
You are in good hand now​:100:

We are working on it, we have a team of producers and some products, but we still need to develop the dApp and finish the Road Map, well worked out with logistics.

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