[PROPOSAL] NEAR Metaverse Magazine #4 – diagramming

Proponent: beetlejuice
NEAR account for payment: beetle-juice.near
Project Timeline: march 23th- 31th

The main objective is the layout and diagramming of NEAR Metaverse Magazine number 4

Justification (benefits):
The layout will give professionalism to the magazine.
The layout will give better readability to the magazine.
It will also organize the magazine sessions in a visual way.
In addition will imbuing the magazine with a theme in its visual communication.
The project:
The layout of the magazine will take into account the content and the way to present it to your target audience. It will transform text and loose images into a concise proposit. It will treat the images and accommodate the texts in a way that makes them not only readable, but pleasant to read. The visual part will give a unit to the magazine, bringing the concept to be passed on.

march 23th
-Receipt of material in the drive
-Receipt of the sequence to be followed
march 24th
-Creation of the grid and layout according to the proposed theme

march 25th
-Imput of the textual material in the editing program
-Imput of the images in the editing program (request for a new image if necessary)
march 25th - 28th

  • Text and image adjustments

march 29th
-Submission for analysis and approval by the DAO

march 30th

  • file closing

march 31th

  • report

300 USD in DAI

Final Products:
PDF file diagrammed with the final virtual version of NEAR Metaverse Magazine number #3


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NEAR Metaverse Magazine #4 – diagramming

Project Status: Completed

Project Timeline: march 23nd – 31th

Project Accounting: the magazine diagramming with 40pages and 11 segments at final. It was used the the given full material (images, text and sequence) with an international woman’s day aesthetic.

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We add the magazine here to @beetlejuice report: