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Hello, Community,
I would like to start by wishing everyone a happy new year! :fireworks:

2022 was a phenomenal year for us in Blaqk Stereo Dao with the impossible (Now Possible) Record win from Guinness, We honestly couldn’t have hoped for something of this magnitude in just 6 months of becoming a Dao.
In the weeks that followed ever since the announcement, we have received media coverage on these various local blogs and media outlets: Jukebox, The poise, Top list Nigeria, Medium.

In a recent development, we started off 2023 with incredible news of a special invite received from the Ministry of tourism, art & culture in Lagos state to meet up with the Governor of Lagos State: His Excellency Babajide Sanwo-Olu to discuss our Journey and the benefit of web3 in Lagos state which we will be introducing him to Near.

Brief Breakdown:
Lagos State is a state in southwestern Nigeria and is currently the Largest Metropolitan city in Africa with a population of over 15.4 million people.
Nigeria has the highest GDP in Africa and is grouped amongst the 3 African countries that controls 56%of the wealth in Africa.
The purpose of this breakdown above is to show the community the prominence of the Lagos state governor over Africa being in control of the most populated African state and also, how valuable he could be to the ecosystem.


  • This meet-up will inspire a new relationship between the Lagos state government and Near.
  • Possible future collaboration with Lagos state government and Near protocol.
  • Possible integration of Near protocol Dapps and tech into Lagos state tech platforms like cowry Lagos, Lagos ride, and so on… (these are platforms with large usage on a daily bases and would lead to massive onboarding).
  • More visibility and higher public recognition of Near protocol in Lagos state and Africa.
  • A stronger Brand confidence in west Africa.
  • This exposure will lead to the raising of funds for blaqk stereo Dao community through possible brand endorsements of our artists in Nigeria.


  • We will be meeting up with a Lagos state House of Representative member - Hon. Desmond Elliotin Lagos after which, we will be meeting up with the Lagos state Governor.


  • Meet-up with Lagos state Governor for the discussion to Introduce Near.


  • To introduce Near to the most prominent personality in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Nationwide recognition/accolade of Near protocol and our achievement through Near.

January/February 2023.

Requesting a sum of $2,060 USD in USN for the Nationwide press release.

Description Price ($)
Near branded T-shirts for 32 people ($5 per shirt) - 160
Media video coverage/photographs - 600
Meeting logistics on separate days (added visit Senator in Abuja) - 800
project management - 500

Added dignitaries: Senator & Oba of Lagos (King of Lagos)

wallet: blaqkstereo.near


cc: @marketingdao-council


Wow! This is gonna be a great achievement

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Thanks so much, yes it will be :slight_smile:

This proposal presents a strong vision for the future of the community . I’m confident that if we follow through on these plans, we will see significant growth and success.
Great job record breakers!!


Hello bro, great write up and initiative.

With the recent crypto law in Nigeria, how is this possible? Fully integrating a blockchain to a product in the country?



I am seriously loving this, in your discussions make sure you focus on the usecases that can be built on NEAR because that is what will be the driving force in pushing for adoption


This is were he will need to state clearly difference between cryptocurrency and blockchain


Thanks for the brilliant question bro. There is an interview with the deputy governor of CBN I watched who spoke about cryptocurrency and the federal government’s choice to not buy into it, his reason was that no crypto-currency or blockchain company has approached the Nigerian government before which some of us here will find interesting. As you are aware, Nigeria is the first country in Africa to create its very own stable cryptocurrency token E-Naira, and in almost two years of its introduction, all state and civil administrations now get salaries in this crypto-currency which we know as E-naira. It means we know and wants this tech but no ‘One’ blockchain company has approached them. We have something the Nigerian government would love to accolade us on which is the Guinness World Record and this is our window of opportunity to introduce the Near blockchain to them. It just so happens that I am Lagosian and I come from a line of statesmen in Lagos, he will definitely want to have this conversation with me. I believe it is very possible for integration and I don’t know if you are in Lagos but, if this cowry were to become a token under Near, that will be Near’s biggest success story yet. Lagos has one of the biggest transportation networks in Africa and about 12 million people use this transportation network on a daily bases. there is nothing that isn’t possible through just a conversation. Thanks


Absolutely bro, He’s a person that loves tech and he’d definitely love to learn more about Near.


Sincerely, i really buy into @Hawwal ideas, cause all descendant and acceding governors of lagos state are tech lover,expecially babatude raji fashola and the current office holder by the name babajide olushola sanwo olu, this is a big bomb that is about to explode if given the resources it needed, because the mega city is fast approaching

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Hi Hawwal,

Congratulations on your recent achievement in achieving Guiness World Record status!

Unfortunately, under the latest guidelines, we are unable to fund influencers or PR.

I believe it would be best to separate two key events from this proposal:

1. Meeting with Lagos Governor
This is a good opportunity to introduce the NEAR tech stack and all its capabilities.

This opportunity does not have any cost attached to it on the proposal.

How many people can you bring in with you to the event? While the team clearly excels in DAOs and music, I’m wondering whether you could bring along more members of the NEAR Nigeria community who may also be able to introduce and explore broader topics.

2. Guiness World Record PR

On this point I’d like to make a distinction between:

  • NEAR Protocol & Ecosystem (core infra, tech tech)
  • Projects building on NEAR (core activity on chain, original code i.e. a Defi project)
  • Projects building on top of existing Core Infra on NEAR (i.e. core activity may be in the physical world but they leverage existing tooling such as a DAO for organisation purposes).

As per the latest funding guidelines, the priority for funding starts at the top (i.e. content about NEAR specifically or AstroDAO), then moves on to projects to the extent it also reflects positively on NEAR and has the potential to attract more end-users and/or builders. The final category is trickier because there can be an unlimited number of projects there and the value of the marketing efforts usually accrue almost entirely to the project itself, not the platform that hosts it.

The core of funding for the proposal seems to be for Blaq Stereo DAO and an achievement that occurred in the real world (Guiness Records). It is unclear how the wider community would benefit from the Guinness certificates, etc.

There may be a narrative or angle here that I am missing. I’m to exploring ways in which you could potentially the restructure the proposal in any way to make it workable.

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Hi @satojandro
Thanks for taking out time to review this proposal.
The main purpose behind the PR is for West Africans to know what we have done and to know the blockchain powering us which is part of what we intend to achieve with this movement. The other part is to familiarize the Governor with the Near blockchain capabilities. Yes, the certificates might not be beneficial to the entire community as it’s something for the Blaqk Stereo Dao community, but it’s part of the PR necessary for the news bulletin pictures in which all the participants will wear Near logo branded T-shirts. This PR will go a long way in building stronger Brand confidence here in west Africa.

However, I will rearrange the proposal to suit the meet-up and exclude the PR budget.

Yh it’s possible, I would love to be accompanied by one or two of Near’s Nigeria community core members, it would be really nice. In total, we can’t exceed 3 to 4 members.

Hi @Hawwal

Thank you for your proposal. The feedback from @satojandro matches my thoughts exactly on how we’ve been instructed to review proposals after the relaunch of the Marketing DAO.

The overall nature of the project and deliverables are clear but the benefit to the ecosystem is not. Unfortunately, I cannot support this proposal.


Hi @Klint Thanks for the time to review this project.

I’m also in agreement with @satojandro about the project as he explained that it is broken into two parts.
One of which is the meet up with the governor of Lagos state which is highly valuable and necessary for the community here in Africa. Just to add, this meet up is one of the only chances the community may have here in Africa that would boost Near’s brand confidence in Africa, Unless you don’t agree this meet up could lead to something.
Then secondly, the certificates which is only beneficial to the Blaqk Stereo Dao and and the creatives community as that is a win for us as much as the “Grammy award nomination” is. Regardless I appreciate your sincere review.

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Hi @Hawwal – are you planning to revise to focus on the meeting with the governor? That seems like the best way forward at this stage based on feedback from other council members.

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Hello @so608 yes, I’ve agreed to revise the proposal to focus only on the meeting with the governor


Hello, @marketingdao-council I have made the necessary adjustments to focus on the meet-up with the Governor and added new dignitaries who we would be visiting. I know the team has several proposals to review however these meet-ups are time bound and I need to know the final decision from the council. Also, do I need to refill the form with the update?


@hawwal thanks for the ping - the proposal does not look updated to me? We cannot fund PR/media activities. Additionally, while I support funding to introduce NEAR to the governor, I do not know if t-shirts and photographs are necessary/core to the outcome that we would be hoping to achieve here. Also, we cannot fund project management or logistics in the way that you have outlined. At this point, it is unclear to me what we are funding – typically, marketing funding goes to the creation of content to support communications that expand the NEAR ecosystem. Because of these factors and the need to make a timely decision, I can’t support the current proposal.

Hello @so608 I think you just made an error in closing this project. I have corrected it and the reason I added the cost for the T-shirts is that we don’t intend to wear normal clothes while seeing him as this is more than a casual visit, it’s historical and, needs to be documented for the sake of transparency. Logistics is for the people that will be traveling with me to Abuja which is our Federal capital state to see a senator representing Lagos state. To my amazement, the news of our achievement has traveled. Lastly, This meet-up goes beyond one day that’s why a stipend for the work my team will put in to ensure this meet-up comes out successful isn’t such a bad idea, init.

Let me add this so maybe you’ll reflect on it later. Nigeria is the second largest Bitcoin trader in the world next to the United States and I am about to introduce the Near blockchain to the Governor of the biggest metropolis in Africa at no cost. I don’t know where google gets their facts from but Nigeria alone has a population of over 400 million people and we don’t live in huts, lol. We are quite advanced in tech. Ordinarily, I would have said thank you and gotten passed this. But I just wanna put these little hints out there so the @CommunityDAO knows what is at stake if this meet-up happens without any discussion about Near.
I leave it to the capable hands of the @marketingdao-council
Regardless, this meet-up will happen, the meet-up wasn’t inspired by the funding but by the milestone archived. :slightly_smiling_face:.
Thanks for your time.