[PROPOSAL] NEAR Learning App (for smartphones)

Hello, good afternoon, my name is Juan. I started as a mobile developer, but a lover of technology in general, and I know several programming languages, one thing that I love to do is keep learning.

We have seen that there is a lot of information about NEAR and developing in it, but the information that exists is generally divided and it takes a lot of work to keep up with it, because sometimes they ask you to review content from another guide and you enter a loop of going to another guide and end up losing the path.

I think we all spend a lot of time with our smartphones, and personally I have many learning applications on mine, when I have free time I like to learn something new or improve my knowledge.

As a developer I spent too much time watching and reading courses, I have seen the enormous potential that “NEAR Protocol” has, and I am confident that I can create a solution for effective learning focused on the device that is closest to us, the smartphone.

Teaching/Learning applications have a great acceptance and ease of use, my first idea was to create a fully programmed custom app from scratch (Kotlin or Flutter), but I spoke with Mr @amgando and he said it would be a better idea to make a quick prototype on GlideApp and see if it would generate the expected attention and if it would be functional, and his idea seemed good to me.

I will put all my effort into making it as close to my original idea as possible with this tool.

As I said, to create the application I will use GlideApp, I have already been reviewing what can be done there, and it seems to me that something very complete can be done.

So I request a Grant for 2 weeks of:

Research all the information possible.
Creation of the images, the final design of the app, adjust the lessons (shorter, for mobile).
Read Feedback from the users, and from you.
Add options that you or the user need or request.
And collect metrics/statistics to know if it is interesting enough to be able to be done natively, or leave it in GlideApp.

The focus of the application is the learning and training of NEAR developers.

In principle it will have 5 sections:

1 Home: With The code of the day, the Snippet of the day, the next path lesson, and (if unlocked already) Tests.
2 Learning Path: A series of courses designed specifically for cell phones, short, consistent topics, but that explain everything in one place, starting from the beginning (WA-Rust) and then explaining with examples everything needed to create in NEAR.
3 By topics: A scroll with the specific topics, in case you are looking for something concrete or if you like to read something interesting in your free time.
4 Snippets: Short pieces of important code that you must know.
5 Unlockable exams: Reaching 1500 points unlocks the developer level test and 2500 points the instructor level test.

(Following the path the points are obtained more quickly, but even reading the topics they grant points, and if articles of the same topic are readed they give an extra points, also extra points per streak for reading 1 topic (at least) per day.)

The application is not only directed to beginners, but also to those who want to review the topics, maybe learn something new or simply test yourself.

I have created an example of more or less my idea.


The app will be in Spanish and English based on the user preference.
Please let me know if I should use specific colors.
And if the name of the application would be good as “NEAR Learning App”.
These first images are just the idea, I will create good images, the Logo and adjust the UX.

Login page: (This part will look different soon, for now I cannot modify it further as it is the free version)

Home Page:

Learning Path Page:

Snippets Page:

Lesson Page: (Inside all of them will be an entire lesson longer than snippet, maybe longer than path lessons, but complete, no need to change or redirect in order to understand.)

Test Page: (Those are some of the images that should be created soon.)

From today I am ready to get to work on this full time and I hope I have the opportunity.

I will be waiting for your response or comments.

I remain at your services.



This is really great. I would love to be part of this. I’m an app dev too.

Hey Juan,

This looks like a great proposal for the education team!

In fact, I could see this potentially qualifying for a grant too. I’d recommend dropping in an application.

Best of luck with the project, it looks super cool! :raised_hands:


It’s great. Any roadmap for such launch?

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