[Launch] NEAR Protocol Primer: Interactive-Gamified Learning Platform for NEAR

Hello Everyone,

I am Siddharth from Primerlabs. We received a grant last year to build an interactive learning platform for NEAR Protocol.

We are very excited to finally present NEAR Protocol Primer: NEAR’s own Duolingo.

Website: https://nearprimer.com
Introductory Blog Post: https://nearprimer.com/introduction

NEAR Protocol Primer is a gamified learning platform that contains self-paced bite-sized courses covering topics ranging from Introduction to Blockchain to Writing a smart contract using Javascript.

The goal of the platform is to introduce people to blockchains and smart contract development in a fun entertaining way without dumbing things down.

Here are the key features:

  • Conversational Learning Platform
  • No Sign up Required
  • 4 Quests and 26 Topics
  • Over 100+ Quizzes
  • 30+ Interactive Explorables ( Including the near-cli implemented in the browser )

Finally, we could use some help in two regards:

  • Feedback: We would really appreciate it if the NEAR Community can take it for a spin and provide feedback.

  • Sharing: Help from NEAR Community members involved with Marketing Effort to spread the platform across. ( I am not sure whom to tag, please tag appropriate groups/personnel)

That’s all. Have a nice day !!


PS: Below are some screenshots from the platform:

Conversational Learning Platform

Interactive Quizzes

Gamified Learning Platform

Interactive Explorables

Web Command Line Interface


This is such a fun intro to NEAR. I’ll see what resources I can gather for you for amplification. Great job, Siddharth!

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