[Proposal] NEAR India Guild DAO:June 2021 (Accepted)

Yearly Goals

Create a definite brand presence for NEAR India Guild as a separate entity in sync with the parent community and expand the reach of the project, educate the local crypto audience about the agenda and the product through social media platforms in the form of interactive content such as educational videos, appealing graphics, reels, IGTV’s, AMA videos, memes, weekly/monthly blogs, newsletters, regular tweets and Youtube videos*(potential idea) using organic strategies, crypto space influencer collaborations to mention a few. Apart from covering the social media platforms adopting few of conventional marketing methods such as conducting giveaways, running ambassador programs and hackathons.

By the end of the year expected the guild to grow enormously as a team of best people, along with very strong social media presence to capture the crypto audience as well as the gen-z audience which will massively help the guild in growing, meanwhile keeping the brand building aspects also in mind.

Monthly Goals

Major platforms taken into consideration to expand the project reach are: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

*All the below mentioned numbers and the other key estimated growth analysis would be achievable only after a buffer period of 7-10 days as during this period one needs to understand the current metrics and the current audience.

Estimated numbers for the growth all through organic methods are:

Instagram: 150-200 followers
Insta posts: 30-40 posts* (average of 1 posts daily)
Videos*: 2-4 videos/reels/IGTV
Insta Stories: 30-40 stories (aids the engaging process)
Chat Support: Consistent chat support for any queries and responding to all comments and inbox messages.
Hashtag strategy: create the following base for hashtags (in order to sync with the platform algorithms)

Twitter: 150-200 followers
Twitter posts*: 50-60 posts (avg. of 2 posts daily)
Videos*: 7-9 videos (apart from posts)
Memes: 10-20 memes (apart from posts)
Retweets: regular timely retweets conducted with proper quotes to engage with other communities.
Chat Support: Consistent chat support for any queries and responding to all comments and inbox messages
Hashtag strategy: create the following base for hashtags (in order to sync with the platform algorithms)

Facebook/ Linkedin ( will work on any one as proposed by the majority team members):
Insta posts: 30-40 posts* (average of 1 posts daily)
Hashtag following: create a following base for hashtags (in order to sync with the platform algorithms)

-Medium articles: 4-6 articles (avg of 1 per week)

-Monthly market competition study to stay updated with trends and plan the monthly contents accordingly.

-Apart from these any on-spot requests for creating new content graphics, videos for any events will be looked after.

*All the content will be designed/edited/produced using all the professional tools to not compromise on the quality of the content, all the content will be revolving around the NEAR, its updates in the community and the crypto space in general. The content creation will involve my serious creative thinking to come up with intriguing concepts such as trivia, Q&A’s, Fun facts and quizzes to name a few which will keep the audience interested, expand the reach and help the project grow its engagements.

Weekly Goals

As mentioned above in depth, the weekly goals would be a breakdown of all the monthly goal to streamline the entire process as social media growth is all about consistency and patience.

-Planning the creative angle for the week.
-The theme to executed and the ideas to engage with the current audience for building a strong following base.
-Competitor market study to keep up with all the trends followed by other communities
-Instagram: 7 posts, 1 video
-Twitter: 14 posts, 2videos
-Regular retweets with relevant quotes
-Chat support for twitter and instagram
-Planning and publishing blog for medium based on current community topics.


The expected budget to carry out all these tasks of managing all the social media content and its platforms and the process for structuring and presenting the brand identity of NEAR India guild keeping in mind all the essential brand touchpoints would require a monthly payout of 800 NEAR tokens.



I will post 4 translated articles to Hindi this month. The articles are from NEAR Ecosystem related and the partnership. For this i need 20 NEAR

Short Videos

I will be posting 10 Short videos for Twitter which all will be related to NEAR ecosystem and partnerships. For this i need 150 NEAR

Social Media

I will be managing NEAR India Twitter account. I will post the translated articles and short videos which i will be making this month. For this i need 30 NEAR


I Have been creating videos and designing graphics for NEAR for a while now.
I would like to continue and dedicate more on this.

I will create 5 videos , publish them on twitter and Youtube.
Videos will be related to upcoming updates on NEAR and its Ecosystem developments.
Cannot specify the length, it depends on the content, but will not be less than 3 mins.
Output: will grow the audience and maintain the presence of NEAR. Will create weekly stats and monitor the growth.

I will design 10 graphics and put them on twitter, with the latest updates.
graphics will be related to upcoming updates on NEAR and its Ecosystem developments.
Output: will grow the audience and maintain the presence of NEAR. Will create weekly stats and monitor the growth.

I will write a bi-weekly community newsletter with all the updates and things going around community and publish it on medium.
It will carry the best content posted by the community in the past two weeks.
Output: The whole NEAR community will stay updated on the community activity going around.
To increase community engagement.

I will need 400 NEAR tokens/month

I have created quality content so far and will continue to do so :slight_smile:


Total NEAR proposed =1900 for June 2021


Thanks for the summary! Looking forward to updates on these proposed tasks.

I really appreciate how you transparently coordinated with guild members to develop a budget, prior to submitting your proposal to the Community Squad DAO. This forum thread represents the beginning of a monthly funding cycle (although most of June 2021 is behind us). Your council should review additional proposals from individual contributors after their work is completed. Ideally, they would share links to any relevant blog posts, tweets, videos, etc.


Yes, once the community submits work, then I will create a new thread, or I will comment below here with all relevant links.

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Hi team,

I am submitting a proposal to conduct meetups for University students as well as professors. For the month of June, I have 2 meetups setup/completed and 1 for the month of July. Here are some statistics + materials from the workshops that I conducted. I have also added a plan to funnel the folks from this workshop to the community. Adding that to the proposal as well.

  1. June 2nd - TinkerHub CET.
    College of Trivandrum is an engineering college in India where I held a 1+ hour workshop for students about an Introduction to both NEAR Protocol and Blockchain. As a part of the workshop, I also gave away some NEAR names to the students. We have over 50+ registrations and over 40+ attendees with about 10 questions asked about NEAR and Blockchain Basics during the Q&A.

  2. June 28th - Workshop for professors at NIT Trichy
    National Institute of Tiruchirapalli is a renowned engineering college in India. I was been approached by my professors as a part of the Margadarshi program to deliver a 5-hour session for my group of professors. This session included 2 parts:

  • Conceptual (2.5 hours): Basics of Blockchain, Introduction to NEAR Protocol, A deep-dive into Nightshade, NFTs and NEAR, NEAR Community and Ecosystem
  • Hands-On (2.5): For the hands-on session, I am planning to have them write smart contracts using AssemblyScript, write unit tests and deploy on the local net/test net.

Here is a Youtube recording of the workshop series(You can find my workshop on Day4):

Here is a brief description of the whole series:

The five day Faculty development program Sponsored by AICTE Margdharshan Scheme on “Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology” began on 25th June virtually with participation of academia, researchers and Industrialists. With expertise of eminent people in Block chain from NIT, Trichy, Statistical Institute, IIIT Hyderabad and TCS, a concoction of both the theoretical framework combined with demonstration sessions on Ethereum blockchain, NEAR blockchain and Hyper Ledger made the five-day workshop enlightening and educative to the participants. The coordinators of the workshop were Dr. Brindha M., Dr. Kunwar Singh, and Dr. B. Janet.

There were over 70 professors who registered for this series, out of which there were 40-50 fluctuating attendees for my talk. There were 2-3 questions as the hands-on might have been a bit overwhelming for the attendees but overall, there was good feedback about the workshop.

  1. July 3rd:
    Blockchain: The future of internet?
    The audience of this presentation were members of IEEE Roorkee Subsection. This presentation had 3 parts to it:
  2. Introduction to Blockchain
  3. Introduction to NEAR Protocol
  4. Opportunities in the space of NEAR and Blockchain

There were about 15 attendees in the workshop and there were 5 attendees who won NEAR Names because of their questions.

Ways to funnel the audience from this workshop(some ideas, discussion with guild members in progress):

  • Redirect the attendees to the OWS Discord, so they can take up some tasks which are NEAR related
  • Encourage folks to sign up for Learn NEAR and earn while learning.
  • In discussion with Shreyas(@shreyas ) on creating a “Train the Trainer” program by identifying interested students from these workshops and eventually creating smaller clubs in universities with the help of these students.

At the moment, option1 seems to be most popular from my interaction with students, but hoping to start working with Option 3 soon.

Recording will not be available for Session 1.
Awaiting recording for Session 3.

I would be doing a linkdrop to all the 70+ registered professors using the Linkdrop updated features in the month of August.

I am proposing for 550 NEAR for these 3 workshops.


Hi @jiten123321 @Aakash297 echoing @jlwaugh, It’s great to see all of you coming together to create a budget for the combination of your work.

It looks like @gyan0890 just added another activity outside your initial budget (if that’s correct, it might be best to submit another forum post and a separate DAO request)

  1. I like your metrics on the number of students who attended, do you have plans on how to funnel these participants forward into the ecosystem (my definition of success for such works shops is "how many of the attendees become active to some extent in the NEAR community, do you have a way to measure your workshop success?)
  2. Nice workshop opportunity, do you have an estimate on the number of participants?
  3. Will you break down the 500 NEAR, how much will go to sharing near with students, and how much will compensate you for your efforts, what are the efforts that go into planning a workshop, I’m sure there are materials to prep.

@jiten123321 Ditto on James statement. I would love to see links to examples of the content your producing.


Yes, Gyan post her proposal after creating the DAO request, so her proposal turned out to be a separate DAO request.

We are very much responsible to submit a conclusion post to flex the achievements and you can check some of our previous report here - Feb2012 March2021


Are you saying we “the community DAO” only approve DAO proposals after the work is done and deliverables have been shared with and reviewed by the India Guild council?

Thank you for the historical record, this is very useful in quickly determining your track record.

I’ve approved your request, and look forward to your post event reports for each of the team members involved (Social media, class room workshops, online workshops etc … )
Please ping me when you post these results.

Hi Ross,

Sure, I would post another DAO request. Here are some responses to your questions:

  1. Post my workshops, I generally direct them to join our NEAR-India Telegram group and the OWS. Some of them follow up and are curious to understand more about the tasks etc. I do not really have a system to measure the workshop success, but it is something I can think about.
  2. For the professors’ workshop, I expect 30 folks at the least. If they have invited external professors as well, it may go up to 50.
  3. Sure, for the student workshop, I used around 50-100 NEAR to gift NEAR Names to the students. Planning to do the same for the professors. Once, I have some numbers, I will share a split. Re: the materials to prep, all of the materials are prepped by me - for hands-on workshops, I prep Github Repos, prerequisite docs, and presentations. For some of the workshops, I also pre-record the videos and save them, so I can share them with the community later.
    A general split I could think of:
    50-100 * 2 NEAR: Attendees(I generally give them in the form of NEAR Names)
    Compensations for time taken for prepping materials + delivery:
    50-100 NEAR: Student workshops(1-2 hours)
    200 NEAR: 4+ hour workshops
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No, I’m just making sure there is a plan for that kind of accountability :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Team,

I have submitted multiple videos and visuals for the month. Please check the progress report for the month of July. For stats, Akash has shared the community growth we had lately. You can find the links in the doc below:

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Hello All!

I have completed translations of articles into the local language and done with the short videos. Here is the list is given below:-




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Thanks, @aakash297, for this detailed report with analytics.

It would be excellent if @kuenshahi and @sanket could share their analytics with us.

Hi Team,

So far in the month of JULY, For NEAR INDIA Twitter, I was able to get 18894 Impressions and 750 Total Engagement from the content I made. In short I was able to get 21.4% of the impressions on NEAR INDIA Twitter.

Please check the detailed report in the link below:

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Hello all,
Here are the stats for the month of July.
Stats of JULY

Final report of July 2021

Greetings Team,
Here are the stats which I have generated while handling the digital marketing for NEAR India and creating content for reference I have also attached the previous month’s stats when I was not handling the digital marketing for better performance comparison.




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