[Proposal] Near Education in Patois

Proposal for Near Education in Patois

Music is a universal language and every country has her language. Reggae music is a music of the world that is identified with its beat pattern and rhythmic structure.

It originated from Jamaica and its language is Patois.

In a bid to spread Near Education to wherever Patois is being spoken in the world, we have decided to initiate a lecture series of Patois to our community members so as to produce creative arts with it and spread Near Education across the world, using Patois.

The aim of these monthly lecture series is to

Impact our members weith first hand and adequate Patois knowledge in order to produce quality art materials in Patois to encourage more Patois snd reggae loving folks to get onboard Near Protocol

The classes will be twice a month and 1hour each. The hosting will be rotated by Patois speaking community members who are either Native speakers or well versed in the language.

The syllabus is designed thus

a. Simple Greetings
b. Terms and terminologies
c. Simple sentence constructions
d. Complex sentence constructions
e. Producing Arts in Patois

We will take one topic per month

Venue: ReggaeDao Telegram

After each month’s classes, there will be a bounty where we will pick three winners.

Competitors will be asked to produce art materials, specifically reggae music, in Patois and they will be asked to make use of what they have learnt.

July’s Host will be @Raditechoman

Host: 200usd (raditechoman.near)
Graphics: 100usd
First Prize: 200usd
Second Prize: 150usd
Third Prize: 100usd


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