[Proposal] NEAR Analysis: Premiere NFT Analytics Tool on NEAR


NEAR Analysis is a one-stop NFT dashboard which allows NEAR users to browse the entire NEAR NFT ecosystem based on comprehensive, aggregated data.

What problems are we trying to solve?

As avid NFT collectors ourselves, we realise the struggle of trying to cross examine collection ranks while sifting through Paras or Mintbase for the next promising NFT collection.

Who benefits from this system?

Ideally, any and everyone interested in NEAR NFTs will be able to use this platform (free of charge) to access the aggregated data and make more informed purchase decisions.

How will our dashboard collect data?

We scrape custom APIs from Paras, Mintbase, Drawstring and other notable NFT platforms as well as the NEAR CLI socket to aggregate financial information.

How is NEAR being integrated into the dashboard?

In the second iteration, we will allow users to connect their NEAR Wallet and scan their NFTs to get an approximation on the value of their holdings.

What will NEAR Analysis do with this information?

Besides users who access through our NFT dashboard, we will sell this information to interested parties (and businesses) investing in the NEAR and NEAR NFT ecosystem.

How will NEAR Analysis work with the NEAR NFT community?

In addition to financial insights, we will be creating a “leaderboard” and “hot” section; giving us the ability to curate offerings from the NEAR NFT ecosystem.

What makes us different from other NFT tools in the NEAR Ecosystem?

First and foremost, we will make sure this platform remains free (at least basic services) to guarantee the community has the necessary core tools to foster NEAR NFT growth on-chain.

Secondly, in future iterations we are in talks to create predictive models which will better calculate sale price, floor price and “trending” based on a number of pre-assigned variables.

How has the idea developed since inception?

All three founders are active members within the NEAR Ecosystem, after assessing how best to tackle the problem; we were able to receive funding from the Human Guild.

What is the immediate future for NEAR Analysis?

Using funds from the grant, we were able to hire a lead developer with plans to preview the initial prototype in late March. The team is also planning a special NFT giveaway :wink:

How can we get involved today?

Sign up on our website and follow us on Twitter to receive announcements on development, new collections and upcoming competitions.

How to get whitelisted as an NFT project?

Contact us at info@nearanalysis.com so we can learn more about the team, project, roadmap and community goals to see how we can best support

Will there be eventual community governance?

The team has considered the idea of turning NEAR Analysis into a DAO and allowing network participation through a token voting mechanism but we want to structure it first.

Is there anything else we should know?

NEAR Analysis is founded by Orrin Campbell, Magnus Dikese and Ed Young.

  • Orrin is a cyborg and collective conscious, who has been seen on Dr. Phil and recently partnered with Mintbase for their MUTANT album NFT release.

Follow him on all socials, here.

  • Magnus Dikese is is one of the founding members of the Sankore 2.0 Guild where he onboards African web3 enthusiasts to the NEAR Protocol

Follow him on all socials, here.

Follow him on all socials, here:

Twitter: @hedward

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edyoungprofile/

Development cost

Our development includes a few phases, and it will take 2-3 months to finalise our MVP.

This grant will be used to design, build the platform, build partnerships with NFT projects for the first marketing campaign iteration and start collaborations with market economics experts.