[Proposal] N-ROLE DAO

Project title: N-ROLE
One-liner: innovating ways to onboard new users
Challenge area: “propose your own challenge”, “social tokens”, “NFT onboarding”
Slides: Crypto Wants to Be Seen (3).pdf (954.7 KB)
Repo: tba

Project members

Carl Fitzpatrick (cryptocredit.near)

Project summary

The N-ROLE project is all about creating the tools needed for mass adoption.

Crypto has hit the mainstream… but it still has a long way to go to reach mass adoption. This project aims to find ways to leverage existing platforms and technologies, and develop events to assist the NEAR community. The N-ROLE DAO will reach out to other DAOs and projects to work together to achieve this goal.

This project is divided into three blocks:

#1 - NEAR Frame

Objective - use innovative hardware to communicate directly to the NEAR community and raise awareness of the NEAR ecosystem.

Four years after Bitcoin was created the first bitcoin ATM was launched. There are now nearly 14,000 ATMs installed in 58 countries worldwide. these physical machines create a unique presence and provide a simple way for anyone to buy and sell bitcoins.

The NEAR Frame aims to be a similar physical portal to explore the NEAR ecosystem. A prototype unit is in development using a digital signage display running android os and custom CMS software - with funding provided by yolodao.sputnik.near (link)

I will be making an unboxing video to demonstrate the NEAR Frame functionality and hope to post this before the end of the hackathon.

Later this year we intend to launch the NEAR Frame as a product - available to order and purchase in NEAR tokens.


Objective - create software tools to facilitate communication via the NEAR Frame and support community projects and events.

Aim to develop a NEARFEED android app that will be installed on the NEAR Frame. This app will provide links to the latest digital content on NEAR projects - imagine a photo album style UI with an image for each active NEAR project. The user can click on a project and link to a webpage, video or token data… the possibilities are endless!

The first proof of concept will showcase:

  • NFT cards created on the PARAS platform

  • news content provided by NEARWEEK

  • information on the first NEAR BEER FEST

N-ROLE DAO will be actively reaching out to the NEAR community to find the best digital content and will look to fund new digital content creators.

Currently using an off the shelf CMS software solution to test ideas, i will post a repo on github with more information next month.


Objective - to organise a virtual beer festival to showcase the best of the NEAR ecosystem.

Since the beginning of time beer has been a part of community building. The earliest currency was barley - used to make beer and bread. There are millions of craft beer fans across the world.

Decentralized Brewing Co (DBC) was launched on Paras platform this year - the first community brewery built on the blockchain.

The brewery has created OWNER cards - virtual shares with voting rights and minted $BEER Tokens on tkn.farm as the brewery’s social currency.

DBC is now ready to host the first virtual NEAR BEER FEST - a two day event combining the best of craft beer and crypto.

To coincide with the festival, the brewery will brew the first batch of #nftbeer - a delicious blend of craft beer, nft cards and social tokens. This limited edition canned beer will be available as part of the package of beers, merchandise and other goodies that will be shipped to participants in the festival.

N-ROLE DAO is in discussions with NxM/DAOrecords to collaborate on the event programme. Stay tuned for more details!

Tools used on NEAR:
Paras - NFT cards
Mintbase - NFT tickets for beer festival (tbc)
tkn.farm - $BEER Token creation for beer festival and brewery
ref.finance - $BEER token pair trading
nearnames - wallet gifting

N-ROLE DAO - coordination, development, funding and project management of onboarding and awareness initiatives. Come and find out more on our Telegram channel - Telegram: Join Group Chat


This part looks like it would also be relevant to [Guide] Createbase Hackathon - NFT Onboarding DAO


For our purposes it would be of the most use to have something that players of tabletop games could use to view, display and interact with their digital game assets. In this way Paras NFT’s will become part of the TTRPG community and bridge the gap between NFT artists and a robust scene of potential patrons with a wide array of needs.


There are so many ideas here!

For the next stage I encourage you to submit NEAR BEER OWNER cards to the Social Tokens DAO which I think is an even better fit. @enidavis and the Seed Club team are experts at supercharging social tokens (and using NFTs in similar manners). see social-tokens.sputnikdao.near. For this round your idea proposal under the onboarding dao is approved.

Looking forward to seeing where this all goes :grin:


+1 to all of this! - I was glad to see your proposal @cryptocredit and love the idea of the $BEER Token!


Haha, beer please! However, for the payout: could you resubmit your payout proposal to Metagov DAO and change the payout target to be the new Sputnik DAO you created?



Just finished my slides for the N-ROLE proposal. I intend to add an audio voice over next to explain some of the ideas in more depth. Hope this is what you are looking for in the next stage!

Crypto Wants to Be Seen (2).pdf (929.7 KB) UPDATED



Crypto wants to be seen - blog article by Kayvon Tehranian Crypto wants to be seen. | Foundation

Mass adoption - blog article by TREKK

The medium is the message - book by Marshall Mcluhan

The disintermediation of everything - The Disintermediation of Everything | by Neocapita | Medium

How to build a winning full funnel marketing strategy -


Virtual beer festivals - Untappd Virtual Festival Go ‘hard’ - - - Half Time Beverage | Half Time

Beer tokens - 8 reasons to use a cashless RFID solution at your next beer festival | Event Genius Blog

Craft beer -(PDF) Craft beer – building social terroir through connecting people, place and business

I wanted to give some context and background to the ideas in this proposal. Enjoy the read!


Hi, thanks for your comments and advice. I have now submitted my payout request for the second part of the hackathon - see post above with pitchdeck slides.

I would like to outline some more of my thoughts around social tokens.

As a brewer who has partcipated in craft beer festivals where the event organisers have used plastic tokens for beer payments at the bar, i have had first hand experience of a type of social token used in the outside world.

This leads me to believe that if there is a clear use case for the token, they can be very useful.

I have created $BEER Tokens on tkn.farm and have announced on social media that they are an asset backed token. Holders can use, transact or swap $BEER for $NEAR… or redeem them for cans of beer!

Later this year i hope to use the tokens as part of the virtual beer festival - hopefully as currency for brewing and buying beer, payment to artists and musicians etc

I am also playing with ideas to ‘embed’ both $BEER tokens and NFT cards into a beer can label, part of the continuing growth of the Decentralized Brewing Co project on PARAS.

Hope this helps to explain more… social tokens will play a big part in this project going forward.


Hey @cryptocredit! I’ve got some feedback on the deck, please take it all as constructive criticism in the spirit of helping the project gain support and success! If you haven’t already I’d suggest checking Ash’s Presentation about Presentations. If you’d rather read/skim, MaRS has a good summary of How to create a pitch deck for investors.

Slide 1

  • Make N-ROLE DAO big, that’s what you’re pitching. CRYPTO WANTS TO BE SEEN is the subtitle.
  • Include your name and contact.

Slide 2

  • Problem isn’t clearly stated. “creating and leveraging the infrastructure and tools needed for mass adoption” skips right to how without considering why.

Slide 3/4

  • So much solution to the point of being overwhelming/confusing. Could make this a single diagram that relates the pieces of the ecosystem (hardware, media, social token).
  • NEAREAL software/content feels like the “underlying magic”. Keep this but show it off after you’ve established where it fits.
  • Have you considered the software as a web app rather than android app? Web apps can run on nearly anything so you’d increase # of users and reach and wouldn’t require people to have any special hardware.

Slide 5

  • If NEAREAL is the product/secret sauce, the event and social tokens are marketing tools.
  • I’d like to understand more about how the social token engages an audience.
  • Having so many event details is overwhelming and each element is a project in it’s own right. For pitch purposes it feels ok to summarize as “experiential events”.


  • Business model: What’s your budget? What will grants be spent on?
  • Competition: Who else is active in the space? For competitors, how are you different? If it feels like there’s simply too much to map it’s likely your pitch/product isn’t focused enough.
  • Team/collaborators: Who will be involved in the NEAREAL media funnel? If focusing on the event this would be a good place to slot partners for tickets, beer, music, merch.
  • Key metrics: What will you measure? How many people engaged would be considered a success? When will you measure? Is this a month long project? Year? 4 years?
  • Current status: What’s done? What’s next? What’s the Call To Action (invest, help out, etc)?

Let me know if this is helpful/makes sense. You’ve got a cool project with a lot going on so I think it would be beneficial to have a clear deck that helps other people get excited and want to contribute!


@starpause thanks for taking the time to crit my pitch deck. Will be taking on board your comments and tweeking/refocusing the presentation over the next few days.

Totally agree that the main aim is to present the ideas in a way that gets more people involved :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just wanted to add a link to the Telegram Channel for the N-ROLE DAO. https://t.me/n_roledao

If you have a project or idea and would like to collaborate get in touch!

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I love seeing telegram groups. My discord is permanently maxed out at 100 :weary:


@cryptocredit +1 to everything @starpause mentioned. I love a lean slide, and visually your slides look great.

As far as content, the vision and plan are so broad and big that I don’t understand which part you’re focusing on right now (for example, in slide 2: mass adoption of what? and why is % crypto holders the metric for mass adoption?). Personally I also find the analogy to bitcoin ATM’s distracting, as I’m not sure that’s actually an effective adoption tool (I’d imagine that Facebook Portal or Amazon’s Echo Show are better comparison).

There’s at least 2-3 big projects within this (token, event, device) and so I’d suggest 1 for now, and then having a slide that then discusses how that main idea is tied to the future projects.

This is a pretty tried & true format if you need some guidance: The Only 10 Slides You Need in Your Pitch - Guy Kawasaki

Feel free to reach out with other questions. For now we’re going to wait on approving your payout proposal until some of this is addressed.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. i have read your comments and redrafted my pitchdeck. the new version is now linked at the top of the main proposal (and at the end of this post).

I would like to address a couple of comments:

Everything that you have asked is valid… but at this stage i have prepared a pitch deck that is simple and to the point. I watched the presentation by @ashleynear and followed her guidelines.

I am glad that the pitchdeck has generated so many questions!

I would also like to say that as i understand it, a pitch deck is not a fully costed business plan.

I have spent time refining ideas that were presented in the first proposal and presented them as a seven slide pitch deck.

Unless i am mistaken, there is nothing in the hackathon guide that says anything about the critieria for payout for the pitchdeck.

This proposal for the N-ROLE DAO is obviously ‘work in progress’ … i hope you are happy with the proposal and pitch deck and i will now be working on a visual presentation.

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The updated version of the pitch deck - Crypto Wants to Be Seen (3).pdf (954.7 KB)


Hi @enidavis sorry i did not reply to your comments in the first post reply.

You are correct in saying the vision and plan is big - the main focus of N-ROLE DAO going forward is mass adoption - this means finding ways to help the 97% of the worlds population who currently use fiat money to start transacting in crypto. If you dont hold crypto how can you participate in transitioning to a fairer system?

This objective requires a long term strategy which addresses the infrastructure and tools needed. i have broken this down into four blocks - hardware, software, events and network.

I used the analogy of the bitcoin atm as it is the only PHYSICAL example of crypto. The ATM gives a real world presence for BTC and offers the possibility for anyone to buy bitcoin with fiat cash. Not a bad adoption tool if you ask me!

I realise that there is a lot of separate projects contained in the proposal but they are also interconnected:
Beer festivals need payment platforms - beer tokens can be used for this
Beer cans need labels - the label can also be an NFT
Events will draw in new community members - a beer festival a great way to do this
NFT owners will want to display their artworks - the hardware screen will do this
An increasing number of projects being built on the NEAR protocol need to build awareness - the media funnel can help…

I hope this will help expain the why and how of the proposal.

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Hi @cryptocredit, since others have already given feedback on limiting your scope and on your slides, I just wanted to add some comments on the governance side. Love the NEAR Frame idea as a tool for onboarding, but there seems to be relatively little governance action going on here. I.e. it seems better suited for the NFT onboarding track in the hackathon. Yes, you’re using a DAO to organize your activities (a DAO which is currently just you), but it’s unclear how any of the three proposals are relevant to governance. To be successful in the governance challenge, you will need to make clear that one of these is addressing some sort of specific, concrete governance problem or opportunity.


Thanks for your feedback @thelastjosh I will reply to your comments in this way:
Governance is everything, without a means to participate in the decision making process we remain slaves to the whims of others.

I believe that the DAO template has the potential to truly create governance of the people, by the people… even if a first real world manifestation is organizing and participating in a virtual beer festival.

The concrete governance problem I am trying to address (which is the same for thee other blocks in the proposal) is simply the lack of mainstream awareness and understanding of both DAO and crypto.

Without mass adoption and active participation in both there will not be the change we are looking for.

I listened to yesterday’s airmeet presentation and heard about the energy and effort that @illia and the NEAR devs are putting into the new Sputnik V2. I believe this work should be combined with a clear plan for onboarding… something that N-ROLE DAO will be lazer focused on!

I have no doubts that new members will join and we will take this proposal forward to success.


Hey Carl, just read the posts above and wanted to encourage you to keep going the way you do. I find your ideas and tools valid for scaling RxC and decentralized web ideas to more people who are stuck in their web2 or sometimes are not even there. We have very different adoption speeds in big cities, small cities and countryside. The frame, the beer, the ATM are concepts that can help people to focus some energy to enter decrentraland.

Most of the tools, concepts and code we hacked the past 20 says I could not explain my neighbors. We need that energy of people that is otherwise wasted in the “data sharing” economy.

Looking forward to run a beer fest with you. Cheers. T.