"Wisdom is not a product of schooling

but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it."

-Albert Einstein

All of us, whether beginner or expert, continue learning.

Lawyers and doctors, whether rookies or veterans, “practice” their profession continually.

They never stop practicing. They attend conventions to learn from one another.

They are updated with the cutting edge technology and best practices that improve their expertise.

There is always room for improvement. Artists are not exempted.

In view of the above statement, Introducing:



A 50-hours-or-more worth of hands on lessons on music production,

featuring Mintbase as a platform of choice in minting audio NFTs.


This project is going to be running for three 3 months:

November 2021 to January 2022


  1. Beat making Part 1
  2. Beat making Part 2
  3. Sampling
  4. Audio editing
  5. Audio mastering
  6. Audio mixing
  7. Audio recording
  8. Video editing
  9. Song writing
  10. Studio Setup Tips

Bonus Modules

  1. Logo Making
  2. Cover Art Production


Screen-sharing with voice explanation. Real time demonstration using music software that is appropriate for each of the modules.

30 to 60 minute tutorial lessons on how to learn the tips and tricks of each module lesson.


5 video lessons are going to be released every week.

5 lessons per week for 12 weeks.

Every two weeks, all modules shall have been addressed.

The succeeding 2 weeks that follow discuss the next lessons from the previous 2 weeks.

For instance:

Weeks 1 & 2: lessons 1 (modules 1-10) November 2021

Weeks 3 & 4: lessons 2 (modules 1-10) November 2021

Weeks 5 & 6: lessons 3 (modules 1-10) December 2021

Weeks 7 & 8: lessons 4 (modules 1-10) December 2021

Weeks 9 & 10: lessons 5 (modules 1-10) January 2022

Weeks 11 & 12: lessons 6 (modules 1-10) January 2022

Specific breakdown:

Week 1

(5 video lessons) 30 to 60 minutes per video

  1. Beat Making part 1 (Lesson 1)
  2. Beat Making part 2 (Lesson 1)
  3. Sampling (Lesson 1)
  4. Audio Editing (Lesson 1)
  5. Audio Mastering (Lesson 1)

Week 2

(5 video lessons) 30 to 60 minutes per video

  1. Audio mixing (Lesson 2)

  2. Audio recording (Lesson 2)

  3. Video editing (Lesson 2)

  4. Song writing (Lesson 2)

  5. Studio Setup (Lesson 2)

Week 3

(5 video lessons) 30 to 60 minutes per video

  1. Beat Making part 1 (Lesson 3)
  2. Beat Making part 2 (Lesson 3)
  3. Sampling (Lesson 3)
  4. Audio Editing (Lesson 3)
  5. Audio Mastering (Lesson 3)

See the pattern? :slight_smile:

Shall I continue until week 12? Naaaahhhh!!!

I think it’s just going to waste space. Wink wink.

Video content structure:

In the middle of the video, Mintbase is going to be featured as a recommended platform for audio NFT.


This is so as not to sound “pushy” when it comes to advertising Mintbase on NEAR Protocol.

The 80/20 rule will be employed, giving valuable information on music production 80% of the time,

While 20% is spent exploring Mintbase as an avenue on which to publish music.


Mintbase will have the rights to the video assets.

Mintbase can choose whether to upload the clips on its official Youtube channel.

Otherwise a new channel can be launched.


Musicians, rookies and professionals, can refine their digital music production skills from the lessons.

Moreover, non-crypto natives can be introduced to the endless creativity of jumping into the blockchain universe.

Even aspiring musicians can be encouraged to start their music careers by watching the step by step process of producing music with the help of the modules and their respective lessons. It’s easier to make new musicians adopt blockchain. Harder to teach new tricks to old dogs?


Increased probability that musicians will open their Mintbase store and mint their tracks there.

Video Shelf Life:

These tutorial videos can be evergreen. The featured music software (adobe) can still be in use in the years to come.

The principles, however, are timeless; audio mixing and audio editing, for instance, are not going to change that much in the coming years.

Instructor’s Profile:

Bronze P

An independent reggaeton recording artist from the Philippines. He founded the independent record label iRecords and the hip hop group Clique THIS. He is also a music producer and music video director, shooting several music videos for several years.


  1. Best New Artist on Philippine Hiphop Awards - Manila (2010)

  2. Best Male Artist on Ilonggo Music Awards - Iloilo City (2010)

  3. Hiphop Group of the Year (Clique THIS) on Ilonggo Music Awards - Iloilo City (2010)

  4. Song of the Year (“Ilongga Gwapa” by Clique THIS) on Ilonggo Music Awards - Iloilo City (2010)

Some of the songs that he produced:

  1. Riversyd’s “Paratoot”

  2. R-Nic’s “Sa Imo Ko Nakita”

  3. Istilo Ilonggo’s “Ikaw Lang Guid Ya”

  4. Clique THIS’ “Gozo”

As a music video director, here are some of his works:

  1. Angelkym’s “Kung Bal-an Mo Lang”

  2. Clique THIS’ “Ilongga Gwapa”

  3. Clique THIS’ “Ciudad sang Iloilo”

  4. Istilo Ilonggo’s “City of Love”

  5. Clique THIS’ “Ms. Moosie Kah”

  6. Clique THIS’ “Ilonggo Reggaeton”

  7. Clique THIS’ “Bayle”

  8. Tara Lhim’s 'Sa Adlaw sang Paghigugma" feat. Young MC

Corporate jingle projects:

  1. (Fast food chain behemoth) First Mang Inasal Company Jingle with R-Nic - Iloilo City (2006)

  2. (Radio network giant) ABS CBN MOR Iloilo’s Tukar sang Taglugar Jingle with R-Nic, Mista Blaze and R-Dawn - Iloilo City (2010)

  3. (Foam conglomerate) Mandaue Foam Company Jingle - Mandaue City, Cebu (2012)

  4. (Philippine-based phone manufacturing company) DTC Mobile Phone Company Jingle with R-Dawn - Bacolod City, Negros Occidental (2014)

  5. (Local restaurant chain) Grillers Oyster House Company Jingle with R-Dawn - Iloilo City (2015)

  6. (Nutraceutical company) BOS Herbal Capsule Company Jingle - Iloilo City (2015)

Music video sample that Bronze P produced, directed, and performed in:

Council members:

Please let me know your thoughts on this whether this project is worth pursuing. If not, No worries. We move on to other creative ideas.


Hey @OrvardJam,

Thank you for your proposal, spreading knowledge & skills is always a good idea!

There are a few things that are not quite clear to me yet though.

Are you looking for funding or simply visibility? If so, it would be great to get costs and milestones as well as metrics (where will the videos be shown, how many artists are you planning to reach, who are the project members?)

Generally the Creatives DAO does not fund individuals but other DAOs/Guilds in the ecosystem. As it seems like you’re having a big focus on Mintbase, the Createbase Guild (@marianeu) might be a good point to contact. Or NxM (@vandal) for example, which is the Near Music Guild.

Looking forward getting some more details to see how this could be developed :slight_smile:


Hey @OrvardJam thanks for putting this down as a post on the forum after our chat. Based on the scope and duration of the course it would make sense to direct this proposal to both NxM and Mintbase.

As @tabear mentioned, it would be good to clarify the costs associated with the project and the which communities would be reached directly. Is it mainly meant for the growing community in the Philippines? Or beyond?

Do also include all the project members (in a list). I think it’s a great resource for the wider community, but let’s see how this can generate more membership for NxM & Mintbase (Createbase) and see how much the costing of it all will be.

I personally like this idea and I think it might be aligned with our discussions on creating a Producer DAO or even fit in with DJ DAO, as there’s also a focus on producers there too.

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Thank you, @tabear for this feedback.

We shall get back to you with the further information.

All the best.

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