[PROPOSAL] Music Clinic with Blake "Blizzy" Harden

Hello Music Producers!

I’m thrilled to announce that BeatDAO is going to have a special guest at the upcoming Music Clinic - Blake “Blizzy” Harden.

Blake is a well-known mixing engineer from LA, he worked with Kendrick Lamar, DJ Khaled, Katty Perry, Travis Scott, and more artists!
Check his all credits here:

Blake will introduce to us some mixing techniques and tips, he is going to share his knowledge with our community members in order to expand our mixing skills. It’s a great honor to have such an experienced person to connect with.

Shoutout to @JCB, as thanks to him BeatDAO was able to make a connection with Blake!

Music Clinic will be held on the 24th of May on NxM Discord (Voice Channels -Music Clinic).
The hour will be confirmed once we’ll be closer to the class date.

Requested funds: $300
Target: Blake “Blizzy” Harden NEAR wallet