[Proposal] MotionDAO stickers

Why stickers:

They are great to give to people at events, people love stickers and often use them to decorate their laptops, phones, notebooks, etc.

They can also be placed on the streets in strategic locations and in this way create possibilities for random discovery.

What’s on the sticker:

An attractive design, the website in big letters, keywords to identify what the project is about, the logo, and a small QR code in the center.

This QR code is a claim code for an NFT that servers as a “digital bookmark” to the MotionDAO website.

NFT on a sticker:

The NFT campaign is set to run for one year, and distribute up to 100 NFTs to existing as well as newly created wallets.

Onboarding tool:

It can be used to onboard people at events and workshops, where people can scan the sticker to create their wallet, and at the same time claim their first NFT.


We are debuting the sticker at the “Dance and Blockchain” event in Ghent, and the idea is for different MotionDAO members and hubs to print locally the sticker and use it in their own creative ways.

(For this first event we added an express fee so it would be ready on time, but from now on the design is available as a PDF and the next printings can be done more affordably. Costs can also vary depending on the country they will get printed)

The sticker design and printing has been done already, we are submitting this proposal for the september budget, and at the end of the month will write a report with wallet creation and NFT claims stats, as well as photo documentation of the stickers in action.



For this project we request the following budget

Sticker design - 150 USD
POAP NFT Campaign set-up, storage fees and management - 100 USD
Printing fee - 70 USD
Rush fee - 45 USD
Reserve fund for reprint fee - 35 USD

Total: 400 USD

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Here is the report for this proposal: