[Report] MotionDAO stickers

The first batch of stickers were printed successfully and used in Belgium.

The QR on the sticker is a claim link for an NFT that serves as a bookmark for the MotionDAO website. In the NFT image (like below) the QR changes to the url: motiondao.art

Until now 14 NFTs have been minted. (The other 86 can still be minted over a one year period)

Only one wallet was created though, mostly due to a problem in Satori link campaign during the event in Belgium when we distributed most of the stickers.

The alternative method we used was neardrop links for wallet creation, and then the Satori link was used just for claim.

Since then, the Satori wallet creation functionality is fixed and one new wallet has been created using the claim code. When you claim a small message says:

“did you just claim an NFT from a sticker? welcome to the blockchain!”

We gave the stickers mostly to workshop attendants, but also placed some in the streets of Ghent.

Back to Berlin, some stickers were also distributed during a roundtable at the NFT exhibition “Merkle Root Berlin” that happened during Berlin Blockchain Week.

Besides distribution at events, for future larger print runs we can explore doing a street placing campaign.

One idea is to change the short URL so we can track clicks by print batches, and those can correspond roughly to dates and locations.

We will keep this report up to date as new print runs, placements, and NFT claims happen over the one year duration set up for this campaign.

Other MotionDAO members who manage their own local print runs are invited to report their experiences as comments to this post.