[Proposal] Motherhood NFT creation bounty 2.0

This is an open competition whereby people would submit entries on the theme for the month which is centered in motherhood. We will have people submit different art forms that expresses what they feel about motherhood.

Due to the complexity of the topic, we would allow our growing community to get creative and have the freedom to express themselves through art. The best three will be selected and cash prizes will be awarded to the winners.

These arts will be minted on the NearWoman Store.


Activity Amount
1ST Place $120
2ND Place $80
3RD Place $50
Promotion $50
Total $300

Prove of Work:
This is the second edition of this bounty. The first edition had a good number of entry and increased Near woman’s community size from 0 - 190+. We had over 43+ NFT and 20+ entries.

Key metrics & Deliverables:

  • Minting of 20+ MOTHERHOOD NFTs
  • Engaging with Near woman community members with the boounty task
  • Promoting Nature, art and culture via the use of NFT AND Near ttols.
  • Creation of Near wallet for newbies
  • Goodwill for Near ecosystem as a pioneer of Women intertest in its onbaordin.