[PROPOSAL] Mintbase DAO workshop

Hi all!

As you might know already, Changa Records DAO is an event organizer and a music label. We are looking to expand our physical community into Near ecosystem and beacause we are working with a lot of artists and we think is very important to spread their work in all ways. Changa Records is selling music trough Bandcamp website and we have our Soundcloud as well.

Considering this we tought that we could have a workshop trough an open call in our Telegram so we get more information about this powerfull tool called Mintbase. This workshop will be very important for us, beacuse like said before, we gonna sell music, we gonna do ticketing and maybe in the furturesome merchandise. We also think that this workshop will be usefull for other “young” DAO’s

Workshop Date: 5 July 2022
Telegram Group: Telegram Web
Duration: 1H

PAY OUT: 100 USD - paid to mariamneu.near

Até já!

Hi @ChangaRecords, thank you for the proposal

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Hey William. How are you doing?

We had the workshop yesterday with Maria and was very nice. Made us understand that Mintbase and NFT selling is indeed a powerfull tool that we can use to expand our community.

We will upload more music from our label artists during this month and the Next ones.

On the other hand we realised that with NearDrop onboarding we can already explain people about mintbase and combine both platforms. We proposed to drop wallets with 2 N, but we are going to drop some free tickets in order to engage out physical community into this platform.

Looking foward to keep developing our digital community

Até já

Great to hear, may I know 100$ requested was used for which purpose? and whom?

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It’s going to be used to pay for the hour of the workshop to Maria Magdalena.