[REPORT] Global Report from Changa Records DAO Pay Outs so far

Hi Community!

Changa Records DAO is applying the requested funds so far to develop it’s biggest projects - Event Organizer and Label.

June will be the third month for the funding proposal and we felt compelled to create a post with an analysis of all our spending.
As you all can see in our Event Organizer and Label presentations, we don’t close our projects monthly. We invest and engage with the community monthly, but for the main project “Changa Records” we have long term goals in mind.


About Label matters, at the moment we are still enjoying the ride from the release of our first album. Our first contact with Near Community and Cypto Enviroment was through Muti DAO, which provided us the funding necessary to release the album. But we also want to shout out the community for all it’s usefull advice as we strive toward bettering ourselves as a DAO and label.



-Chilam Balam: 100 USD paid to: chilambalam.near. NFT created with a track of the artist

-LunatikCulture: 100 USD paid to: lunatikculture.near NFT created with a track of the artist

-Forestus Soberus: 100 USD paid to: forestusoberus.near NFT created with a track of the artist

-Creation of mintbase and minting NFT’S work: Paid 150 DAI to: alessandrascoffi.near



So far, the majority of the funding from Near Protocol, as been applied in FRACTAL ATMOSPHERE ( an event we’re gonna host in June 18/19/2022). This is an event with electronic based music but mostly a gathering of our own community. Near Protocol as been so far the major sponsor of our event and we want to thank them for that with all our heart. Following we share the applied funds so far.


-Location for the Event: we paid 550 USD inevitably converted to Euro. Transferred to: forestusoberus.near. The place is Tuga Natura Barreiro. A beautiful place located in Barreiro.

-Sound system: 400 USD paid to: kaboom_music.near. This is the team that are gonna provide the sound system to the main stage. (ONBOARDING)

-Artwork - 300 USD Bounty paid to: theartofsam.near. You can find some progress on the artwork in our mintabse.

-Video mapping: 200 USD paid to: eyesinart.near. Mafalda is going to prepare a psychedelic visual ride that is gonna be presented in our event on July 18th. We will update our mintbase with a little teaser on her work.(ONBOARDING)

-Photography: 200 USD Bounty paid to roadworks.near. The work includes photos from the event and editing them so we can share them in our social network.

With the funds requested we finished the deals with the artists announced bellow within the Near Protocol. We want to bring more artists to the community in order to expand it.

(Kaboom Music / Hipnotic Tribe Records)
Paid 300 USD to - forbia.near

-Methodic Marble (ONBOARDING)
(Sonic Tantra)
Paid 300 USD to - methodicmarble.near

(Kunayala Records)
Paid 300 USD to - keramik.near

(Noise Poison Records)
Paid 300 USD - nyotechnoisepoison.near

-Papa Forest (ONBOARDING)
Paid 300 USD - capetaxnl.near

(Changa Records)
Paid 300 USD - umhume.near

-Double Shift (ONBOARDING)
(Ohmnium Records)
Paid 300 USD - doubleshift.near


-Council Work: 470 USD - Includes the council work and advisor work paid to:



TOTAL FUNDING: 4970 USD Applied in April and May (the full request was 5000 USD but N value went down before the DAO swapped it to a stable coin.

June will be the last month of funding for FRACTAL ATMOSPHERE and after the event Changa Records DAO is going to move on to the next event “DIGITAL NOMAD”

Best Regards,
Changa Records DAO

Facebook: Changa Records
Instagram: Login • Instagram

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