[PROPOSAL] Make My Day Party (2nd Edition)

[PROPOSAL] Make My Day Party - August 17th at 7PM UTC

Proponent: @klarakopi and @becopro

A metaverse party on our parcel on Voxels featuring musicians from the community, using resources.


We believe that these kinds of events bring the community together, make everyone feel like part of the group and everybody can have a good time. Other than that on this edition we want to feature artists of the community using Tamago to choose and stream songs and reward artists for the use of their music for the party

The project

@becopro had the idea created a party to bring people from the community together and also invite people from out of the NEAR community to know more about us and our projects. On this edition we thought of using a streaming platform from the community, Tamago (using their tipping system) and also acquiring DAOrecords Sound Splash NFTs to play at the party.

  • Organization, wearable giveaway and hosting - 100 DAI
  • Tipping Tamago’s artists for the use of their songs on the party - 100 DAI (aprox. 5 DAI per song)
  • Buying Sound Splash Music NFT by DAOrecords - 100 DAI - from the treasure (we decided to relocate part of the funds from the party that was postponed to buy more songs instead of making two parties and pay the production twice)


  • set a timeline for the party; pick songs.
  • create art for social media sharing; create wearables and set the space
  • host the party on September 16th at 7PM UTC
  • make the report

Final product

An event, a wearable for our community, a video recording of the party and a NFT short videos (or gifs) of the party minted at Mintbase.
Spreading funds among

Subtotal: 200 DAI from July funds + 100 DAI from the treasure


Project Report

Proponent: @klarakopi and @becopro

Make my Day - 2nd Edition

Project Status: Ongoing

Project Accounting:

I’ve decided to get the funds from one of the last’s month’s parties that didn’t happen ( I was sick) and use the production fee to make this edition extra special buying NFTs through DAOrecords’ Sound Splash NFT series and tipping musicians on Tamago to use their songs. On top of that there’ll be a DJ set that was for the postponed party, so we’ll have plenty of variety for the event.
Last edition of Make My Day lasted 6h (!) and it was packed, so we hope to have enough music for it, but this time we’ll use decentralized music options.

Due to the amount of work I had to do to compensate for the last month’s delay, the party had to be postponed.

The event will happen on September 16th on Voxels


Project Report: Make my Day - 2nd Edition

Proponent: @klarakopi and @becopro

Project Status: Complete

Project Accounting:

The event happened on 09/16 and it was great! It were about 6h of party, where we played songs available on daorecords.io (by DAOrecords) and tamastream.io (by Tamago).

We have shared it on our personal Twitter and Instagram accounts and both Tamago and DAOrecords among other DAOs we follow on social media shared the posts to help. Thank you!

We have distributed 35 NEAR to musicians, we’ve bought 10 NFTs from the DAOrecords series called Sound Splash (2 NEAR each, 20 NEAR in total) and tipped on 24 songs on Tamago (15 NEAR in tips) using metaverse dao’s external wallet (metaversedao2.near).

We also gave away wearables and talked about Tamago, DAOrecords and NEAR Protocol, including links to each platform on the parcel wall.

More than 25 artists were rewarded through this event and 2 NEAR dApps were featured!

Links and products:

Financial movements:

We exchanged 200 DAI for NEAR a while ago (August 10th) in 2 transactions trying to get a good quantity of tokens since NEAR value was rising (at the time we could buy around 36 NEAR, the equivalence was approximately 1 NEAR = 5,38 DAI)

→ 1st transaction: swap 100 DAI for 18.56 NEAR
→ 2nd transaction: swap 100 DAI for 16.90 NEAR

Doing a metaverse party at a Friday night competes with IRL events, so for the next one we’ll choose another day of the week, probably Sunday.

Many people on Tamago didn’t sign up with their wallets so they couldn’t receive tips and we had to spread among the one’s we could.


The event was incredible… 6 hours of non-stop music.
Next time I believe we will do 7 hours of event.

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