[PROPOSAL] MEME Bounty / Onboarding the fun way (as wall decoration for NEAR HUB)

Proposal for July 2022

Project members: @raquelareia , @plantasia , @roadworks , @GL_v1

TOTAL = 105 NEAR / 364 USD (with N = 3,47 USD)

Guild name: Arroz Criativo
Funding scheme: One-time

Target wallet: arrozcriativo.sputnik-dao.near

Hello NEARians, Arrozians and other friends of a good laugh! :smiley:

We (the council of Arroz Criativo DAO) are planning to organize a MEME competition for the month of July 2022. Whoooop whoooop!

We would like to use this rather playful methodology to encourage and educate people in the world of web3, making sure that they have a fun and easy entrance to it, that will motivate them to participate more, spread the word by telling their friends about it (sharing on socials etc.), and eventually get more curious about further opportunities with crypto, NFTs, Near and so on…

This being said everyone, and especially newbies to the crypto world, are invited to part take in this month’s bounty. Combine your creativity with your sense of humour and help others tearing up from laughing. Anything goes: art / politics / NEAR / Lisbon / world / society (to be continued) - related topics are welcome! So what are you waiting for?

We will have the best ones awarded the following way:

For the bounty:

  • 1st prize: 20 NEAR (appr. 67 USD)
  • 2nd prize: 10 NEAR (appr. 34 USD)
  • 3rd prize: 5 NEAR (appr. 17 USD)

= 35 NEAR

Each new participant with a new wallet: 2 NEAR (up to 20 new onboardings) = 40 NEAR

Buffer for material (frames to hang the best ones on the walls at Arroz Estudios) = 30 NEAR

Also, if this bounty happens to become a success, we might repeat it (or even make it a bi-monthly event).


Thanks for your proposal, Memes are always fun! Creatives DAO Moderators will look up the proposal soon.

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for $200 our guys will cover the entire forum with memes :grin:

Our statistics

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Wondering how well they know Arroz Estudios, Lisbon, the NEAR HUB etc. :wink:

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we all know everything on NEAR very well :slight_smile:


@roadworks can you please add the total requested in dollar? Thanks

Sure. I already edited the proposal. The total in USD is 364 with NEAR @ 3,47 USD as per today.

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