[Proposal] kiskesis - Regional Communities DAO Council Member

NEAR Regional Community Working Group DAO Council Member Self-Nomination Process:

Near Social post
Continent: Europe

  1. Hi folks, I’m Kiskesis, an active community member for already more than 2 years. Community Leader of Near Ukraine, Senior Software Engineer, and Active Near Hackathon participant won Kyiv Near Hack, Near Spring, Stake Wars III, and other Near Ecosystem challenges. One of the Core Contributors of RC WG, who fighting for transparency and community leaders communication.
  2. Around 8 Years of experience in Software Engineering like JS/TS/NodeJS/Rust/Solidity/C# and others. Built Near Ukraine community from scratch, have built worldwide JS communities (Mexico, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and other countries).
  3. Skills: Software Engineering, Social Media Marketing, Project Management, Team Leading
  4. Know how works Near and Near Ecosystem projects, an active user of: PembRock Finance, ZomLand, Meta Pool, Ref Finance spin.fi, veax.com, Near Telegram Tip Bot, develop near-validator-notification-bot for your validator notifications, and many many other dev projects, participate in development with DevHub on examples of using Near in JS/TS/NodeJS
  5. Near Ukraine
  6. I have huge experience in Near Ecosystems, and strong connections starting from Dev Dao, and MDAO endings with developer communities.
  7. I will try my best to do the process of funding transparent and well-documented, setup KPIs without big bureaucracy, and help communities to
  8. Goals and Objectives:
  • Transparent Process with clear KPIs
  • Less bureaucracy more focus on results
  • Process automation to collect KPIs with minimum community leaders engagement in weekly reports
  • Work smart not hard, work by LEAN startup, to create working examples of regional communities that we will be able to scale
  • Create BOS components for all regional communities activities to simplify the process for giveaways, contests, reports, dashboards, etc
  1. As a council, I can work 20-40 hours per month 50$/hour or 2k$ monthly
  2. I’m one of the CLs of the Near Ukraine guild, but if it is a problem I can leave the CL role.

I definitely support this proposal :fire::fire::fire: