[PROPOSAL] Kin DAO Project: New Art City Virtual Gallery

Project: New Art City Virtual Gallery [$3000]

We have been honored to have acquired a piece of New Art City virtual land where we have the freedom to actualize our vision outside the limitation of mintbase! We will be transferring all our NFT art from our mintbase galleries into this space so we can storytell in a more beautiful and understandable way. It will take some time for us to learn how to use New Art City and then curate it how we like. On top of this we still need to do the scanning and minting that we had planned on doing last month. For this load of work we will be moving at a healthy pace, aiming to have the gallery completed by March or April.

  • $800 - Curation of Gallery [transferring all the art from our 3 mintbase galleries to one cohesive space, creating 3D structures to be placed in virtual space, learning New Art City imagining and carefully storytelling through placement)
  • $800 - Labor to Mint 5+ more artists to our galleries [educate & onboard artists to NEAR, fund the creation of their wallets, have one on ones with them about NFTs & the blockchain, distill their story in relation to us, curate & format their work, minting costs]
  • $800 - Labor of scanning & creating gold busts to create new community coins [in person scan of head, creation of gold bust, creation of gold coin, one on one education with community member about blockchain, distillation of their story in relation to ours]
  • $500 - funding our newest artist Rock Ridgeway who has been working for 45+ years on projects to house all of humanity and integrate human creativity with the process of life. He will be creating physical and digital masterpieces of trans-dimensional living spaces online in our New Art City and in real life.