[Proposal] KalakendraDAO NFT Project

KalakendraDAO to Idealize a NFT Project:

[Proposal] KalakendraDAO NFT Project

Funding period: February 2022

Team Members:

gurubaran.near - @gurubaran

monish016.near - @monish016

Shyams.near - shyam

Psycopomp.near - psycopomp

Target: kalakendra dao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: $275

We believe we should be paving the pave path for the community & showcase how an NFT project can be launched & what is the work needed to be done.

We will be documenting our journey and sharing it in the form of a blog & the project’s proceeds will directly go to a separate DAO and KalakendraDAO will be getting 50% proceeds.

We will also stress the importance of community for an NFT project and build a separate community for the project. While the exact project details is still in ideation stage we’d like to kickstart this initiative this month & work in s

DAO creation fee- $75

Artist Fee for Base NFT Design & Accessories - $200

Total funding requested: $275

Target payout address: kalakendradao.sputnik-dao.near