[Proposal] Interview with Metaverse DAO


Non-Fungible TC

NEAR account for payment:


Project Timeline:

February 5th – 28th


I am a video content creator and I host a channel called the “Non-Fungible TC” channel, where I cover different topics in Web 3.0 and invite guests to the show to share their story, my website is https://www.nonfungibletc.com.

I create content on a regular basis and was recently invited by thephilosopher.near to create content to feature metaverse builders from the NEAR community, and therefore would like to proposal a series of interviews with NEAR metaverse builders.


The main objective of this project is to 5 video interviews with NEAR metaverse builders in YouTube and mint the snippet in the historical store of the Metaverse DAO as NFTs to preserve this part of the NEAR metaverse history.

Justification (Benefits):

The benefit of this project is that it would generate awareness for the NEAR protocol, and to feature NEAR metaverse builders on YouTube. The interviews are important because they document a part of the NEAR history and the community that build and support its development.

The Project:

To create 5 separate interviews on YouTube, the interviewees would all be NEAR Metaverse DAO builders.


  • February 5th: Start selecting the artists and sending over the interview questions

  • February 16th-28th: Interviews to be conducted on the “Non-Fungible Creators” Show on YouTube

  • February 16th-28th: Snippets of these Interviews would be minted as NFTs in the Metaverse DAO historical store

Budget :

  • $50 USD in NEAR for each Interview


  • $250 USD in NEAR

Final Products:

  • 5 Different Interviews on YouTube featuring 5 different NEAR Metaverse Builders

  • 5 Different NFTs minted at the NEAR Metaverse DAO historical store


Hey, @nonfungibletc!! We are very glad of welcoming your project to metaverse dao. Thank you so much for your submission. You are approved, contingent on our funding proposal approval.

Project Report

Interview with Metaverse DAO

Project Status:

75% Completed

Project Timeline:

February 5th – March 31st

Project Reporting:

As an interviewer, I have interviewed members of the Metaverse DAO, shortened the videos and provided to video to the interviewee so that it could be minted on the Near Metaverse History Store and uploaded the full interview on YouTube.

Out of the 5 interviews, I will complete 2, while Gustavo Manute have completed 3 and would share the report afterwards.

1. Non-Fungible Creators: NEAR Metaverse DAO With Gus (COMPLETED)

2. Non-Fungible Creators: NEAR Metaverse DAO With The Philosopher (PENDING)
Since the Philosopher was not feeling too well in February, we have postponed the interview to March and will complete this before March 31st 2022.


Thank you for your project, @nonfungibletc. We will consider 2 interviews done for you (given one did not happen because I was in the hospital, and we will arrange that interview this month of March) and you can ask for a payout proposal of 100 DAI on our ASTRODAO. Put your wallet as target and propose a transfer. Please specify everything in the description and put the liink to the your project in the forum.



3 Interviews made for near Metaverse magazine:

Interview wih Bone Police:

Interview with Ghini:

Interview with Duocelot:

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