[PROPOSAL] I Wish You NFT - Make your wish last forever as an NFT

Hello Everyone! After several months leading a project for the NEAR Growth team and contributing on the NEAR Argentina Guild creation addressed by @nacho.near, I am really excited to present you our first project to be launched as part of the Guild Third Pillar: Call to Developers.


IWishYouNFT (IWY) is a Decentralized Application that provides the service for creating digital art as NFTs. We will make it possible for users without any technical knowledge to create their own NFTs.

The main use case of the platform is to allow people to send wishes to each other within the blockchain. In the physical world, people send each other wishes through postcards, in IWY, people have the possibility to convert these wishes into NFTs.

The platform allows people to design, create, and deliver their wishes that will be saved forever within the blockchain.


This project was inspired from the idea of connecting the digital evolution with human emotion. The main driver of human behavior is undoubtedly emotion, and finding a bridge between people and the digital world is of extreme importance for further expansion of this space. Our mission is to provide tools for people without any technical knowledge to express themselves on the blockchain through the IWY platform.

Project current state

During the last year we have been working hard to deploy IWY on Polygon and Rinkeby. It took a few months for the idea to be designed, developed, and well tested, before the final product was deployed. Luckly, we achieved our goal at the end of December when the IWY app came to life.

The outcome of our hard work was the following:

Any user can use the DApp at https://iwishyounft.com. The landing page has some links and a simple explanation on how it works. It also has a button link that carries the user to the IWY wish editor. Once on the editor the user will have to follow this steps:

  • Connect the wallet (only Metamask is possible for now).
  • Upload an image and start editing it (hand draws, texts, icons, shapes, image resizing/crop/flip/rotating, etc.).
  • Once the user is happy enough with the design, it will request to enter their own email, the destinatary email and dedication. After the data has been completed, the “NFT creator button” will become enabled.
  • When the user clicks on “Create NFT” he will be requested to send a TX, this TX will mint the NFT for his/her wallet address and add an approval on the NFT just minted for an address handled by IWY.
  • When IWY backend realizes the NFT has been minted correctly, it sends an email to the destinatary with a link pointing to IWY DApp and containing an UUID that will allow the destinatary to claim the NFT. The page in IWT DApp will contain an input text where the claimer user will have to enter his/her address and a button with the text “Claim Wish”, when the user clicks on the button a request will be sent to IWY server.
  • When the request comes to the server, IWY will make use of the approval it has over the NFT minted by the NFT creator and will transfer the NFT to the address that the claimer entered in the DApp in the previous step.
  • That’s it, the Claimer will have the NFT Wish on his wallet forever :partying_face:.

Grant Request

There are multiple benefits that will bring the deployment of IWY into NEAR. The most relevant benefit is that users will be able to mint their own NFTs directly in NEAR. This will automatically remove the need of using an NFT bridge to bring NFTs to NEAR. Another benefit is that IWY will bring the possibility of adding communication and expression for NEAR’s community, because our platform gives people a place where they can share and express themselves through converting wishes into NFTs. Last but not least, IWY gives the community the chance to mint their own NFTs for a very affordable price.


Iteration 1

  1. Fully functional dApp for creating, minting, sharing and claiming NFTs on NEAR.

Iteration 2

  1. Make the site 100% responsive.
  2. My Wishes section
  3. Add a Menu with important links.
  4. Improved design.
  5. Wallet status and wallet logout.
  6. i18n (en/es)

Iteration 3

  1. Schedule NFT to be sent on a predefined date.
  2. Modify email for non claimed wishes
  3. Customized backgrounds (created by artists) so users can use them as a starting point for their wishes.
  4. NFT collections - send the same NFT to multiple destinations
  5. Mint a wish for myself.
  6. Add notification when the user refreshes the page and a wish is being created (not mined yet).


Part of the grant will be used to cover costs of infrastructure, marketing, and a DevOps who will help us to maintain the infrastructure healthy.

Project Roadmap after the grant

  • Replace the editor for a paid one with more features and better support.
  • Call for artists to create customized cards, so users can use them as a starting point to create their wishes.
  • Targeting companies that would like to give NFT present to their employees, including monetary pieces through a raffle


Duration: 3 months

IWY Screenshots

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Took a sneak peek with Lean in I Wish You, quite fast and responsive! Also a very good idea to create NFTs pretty fast and in a convenient way. Its a great Dapp to send easily NFTs through email into their wallets!

Hope to see more of this project in the future. Best of wishes!! :beers: :clap:


Hi, it looks great! My project Saule will be needing in a second phase of implementation a similar solution but to let people save documents, metadata and probably a smart contract as a NFT. Would you be interested in a future collaboration? or at least give a consultation to our team? Thanks in advance


Hi @Cezars Thank you!
Absolutely, I would love to have a future collaboration between Saule an IWishYou teams!

Don’t hesitate to contact me whenever you consider properly.
All the best!